About the Refuge

…a safe place to connect and beLIeVE.

  • with others who are opening homes and hearts. Jesus meant for his followers to live in close community. We seek to develop and foster community where we know others and are intimately known as well. We are asking parents to be pastors, guiding their children to own their faith when living among the adversary who comes in so many forms.
  • with others who know that church is changing and life is about living in a Christ-like way that is noticeable and makes a difference wherever they are. God is using the Refuge to change the way people worship, give, and see themselves.

It is our firm understanding that you will live out who you believe you are, and our desire is to empower and equip all who come in our path with the foundation of Christ living in and through them.

Welcome to your safe place… Welcome to the Refuge.

What is the Refuge?

Our desire is to make Jesus famous in our home, at work, at school and universities, and in our community.

We know that before any of the above happens Jesus has to be famous for us individually… We are finding, when in conversation with folks who are searching for a deeper meaning in their lives that they aren’t quite sure what or who they beLIeVE.

Take a peek at the document below, print it off, share it with others, as we beLIeVE that when you digest your security in Christ that your life will change.

Download (PDF)

Do you beLIeVE? Do you need a safe place to learn?

Welcome home to your safe place… the Refuge, a safe place to learn who, what and how to beLIeVE out your uniqueness with others.