Giving at the Refuge

Why do we give?

To connect hearts and show a world our faith.

We encourage people to beLIeVE in free-will giving based on the words Paul shares in 2 Corinthians 8 and 9. Since we don’t have paid personnel or building campaigns, the dollars can be shared with more needs.

A few examples of people helping people through various transitions in life:

  • Women and children seeking shelter from an abusive situation
  • People of all ages battling addiction
  • People that pack their bags and land in a country that desperately needs the hope of Christ
  • People who serve the various socioeconomic segments in our community

How do we give?

Since the refuge doesn’t have paid personnel or money set aside for future buildings, we are able to pour resources back into people locally and globally. This translates to over $.90 of every dollar given through the refuge is distributed to individually individuals locally and globally.

If people are led to give through the refuge, we are thankful and ask for participation in coming together and help pray, communicate where the dollars can best be utilized. If you would like to join us COME ON! We are having a blast making Jesus famous in our community in how we beLIeVE!

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