walk to the cross

lets take ourselves and place ourselves in a world, in an environment that would have us at times chase the very animal that would be on the dinner table that evening. a time when spotless lambs were identified to be brought to the yearly passover meal for sacrifice of the years sins….

 think for just a moment

¬†that as proud as you are of the spotless lamb, you really had nothing to do in creating or making the lamb spotless….oh sure you may have quarantined the prettiest female (mama) and male (daddy) together…but God creates the spotless one, and now its 4 days before the passover meal and daddy has instructed you to go fetch what has now become a part of your being, the spotless lamb. You are torn, you begin to thing…”really? is this what mama and daddy have been doing for years why?” “i mean i hear the stories but are they really serious? this lamb being killed is going to keep me spotless how?”

¬†there seems to be a bit more energy as we prepare this year, im hearing them talk about a guy named Jesus, who made an entry into the city and they keep asking each other “could this be THE lamb, our messiah?”….messsi a what? dang i think they really believe this stuff, i mean i guess i do,….it just seems that we do some of these things well just because we have been doing them..so if he, this Jesus, this messia thingawhatever they said, IF He Is the lamb of God, If He really is the One that can offer Himself for the sacrifice of our sins….IF He is all that then..will this safe our uh. mean save my lamb and still make me spotless? mama and daddy are saying that he had entered into Jerusalem, that he entered the city on a colt and that everyone was laying palm leaves down on the ground and singing HOSANNA, HOSANNA blessed is he who comes in the name of the the Lord‚Ķ.HOSANNA in the highest. But what does that mean? Man on man think think‚Ķthey have told me a trillion times but oh YEA it’s an expression of praise “come save now” oh my gosh are you serious?

Wow we gotta get there‚Ķ.why are we always late?‚Ķ.People are talking about how Jesus entered the Temple and started driving everyone out that was exchanging money, selling items. mama and daddy said he was turning over tables like crazy and folks heard Jesus say “my house will be called a house of prayer” boy o boy’ I bet the the real religious guys (chief priests and teachers of the law), the ones that walk around with the flowing robes weren’t happy about that. If you ask me they are kinda snooty,

 come on mama, daddy….our caravan is a day ahead of us, uh sir? oh yes sir (with a huge sigh) I will get the lamb. (thinking to ourself) But I thought HE is the lamb

 **Matthew 21:1-22; Mark 11:1-26; Luke 19:29-46; John 12:12-19


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