some assembly required

Again what a blast last night and thanks to the folks that have continually opened up their doors to everyone that is willing to walk through and receive a big ol dose of ReCharge!

Last night we learned together that we have significance, that God made us on purpose and that He distributes spiritual gifts to each of us. We also learned that we belong to each other through Christ and that when one suffers, we all suffer. (1 Corinthians 12..take another cruise).

We also reminded ourselves last night that in murfreesboro that a tic over 20,000 of the 80,000 brothers and sisters of ours intentionally gather. But that number of “attending” is based on going through a door that leads into a building once a month. So…

We started to ponder and ask ourselves….that doesn’t our gathering around a picnic table in a park feeding some of the homeless community count? Or doesn’t it count when families come together on any given night and discuss what God is doing in their lives? Doesn’t our time huddled up with teens at various locations in the city, shouldn’t we at least think about counting that and add to the percentage?  Or what about husband and wives that live life with other husbands and wives to help each other through the craziness of life, i mean isn’t that 2 or more?                                             

Aren’t we told where two or more are gathered there I (Jesus) am also? Yea im sure of it (Matthew 18:20) so with that knowledge in hand aren’t we in a constant state of church (ecclesia, the people) Since you and i are part of the 2.8 billion christians worldwide and part of the 270 million here in the US and part of the 20,000 plus in the boro when are we not in church? HAHAHAHA….im just imagining some of the kids faces when you tell em they are in church more than they are not HAHAHAH…….Really think about your day, how often are you not surrounded by at least one other person (moms across the land are screaming NEVER haha). So Monday through Sunday chances are that we are surrounded by someone who doesn’t “attend” but may participate. 

We do have many parts don’t we? and those many parts center in on the ONE, Jesus Christ. 

But let’s get real for just a moment, most of our brothers and sisters have forgotten the incredible energy that comes when connected with others whose only desire is to make HIM famous! 

It’s like when we buy those toys that have those dreaded words “some assembly required”. We go ahead and dump the contents on the floor, turn the box over to view the picture and start assembling. When the assembly is completed we realize that there are some parts remaining. Those parts were meant to be on and in the toy. But we move on, well at least i do and have. 

i say let’s not move on anymore without our other parts that are in the box. 

love em up!

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