hesitant trust

Good morning sports fans!

Heard you guys had a cool time last Saturday! Mike and Doris are some cool people, love it when they can come out and share some of their life with us. This week we are going to pick our conversation back up on trust. Just a few points to shake the cobwebs a bit. We took a peek in 1 Peter where we see that the trials, the craziness, the absolute how in the world did we get here moments actually show that our faith is genuine. It’s like these doors we walk through that we really don’t want to, yet when we do‚Ķ..or actually sometimes when we are shoved through the door, we experience this closeness to God that strengthens our faith. (Go back and read 1 Peter 1:7-9)

¬†So do you ever wonder this? When asked “Do you trust God?” most will say yes‚Ķ.so why do i/we hesitate? You know those moments in our homes where we know we are to have certain conversations, or to serve in certain ways, yet we hesitate out of fear because we don’t trust the response or lack of a response (side note that person is probably operating in fear as well)‚Ķ..But wait we just said we trust God, we believe that He will take care of us, that HE will not forsake (abandon) so what is the wrestling match in our moments of hesitation to at times paralysis?

¬†Let’s find out Saturday‚Ķ..tonight folks will gather at the Thompson campsite to pray over and live out 2 Corinthians 8 and 9‚Ķ.people who are pouring themselves out first and helping care for needs in homes throughout the boro, and abroad‚Ķ..but WHY? hahahaha‚Ķ.

¬†because we beLIeVE it’s a blast to live out the vision Christ has already set in place‚Ķ..so right now we are gathering for the following

 the individuals that live life through SOZO, Salient Life, GIRLS Ranch, Branches, Doors of HOPE, Way of HOPE, Braveheart, feed 5000 there are others

  • right now there is an elderly lady needing $300.00 to move from a domestic violence situation to a more stable apartment (Calley Smith is at the point on this one let her know)
  • you will see information coming from David Deaton on contributing to 1st shot to help fund camps for kids at patterson park, David is desiring to live out Luke 14 by inviting kids to the fund raising dinner..a dinner that most would never be able to attend. Read Luke 14 to see how and who are to invite to our banquets‚Ķit ‘s a hoot gang
  • turkeys for families during thanksgiving/providing funds for children to shop for necessities
  • scholarships for kids that would like to attend the summer camp at New Frontiers but just don’t have the cash to attend
  • helping with utilities in an apartment that houses individuals that are in transition from homelessness to learning how to make constructive decisions and learning how to trust themselves and others

 YOU have already placed a van in a home that is now able to actively search for a job that will allow this family to transition out of murfreesboro housing….You are adopting people in nursing homes, people that do not receive any visitors. (10 more are available)….

¬†So when someone asks how do you build trust? Let em hang out with ya for awhile, they will learn. Gang you have a message and you are living it out in the way you serve outside of the hour‚Ķ.however Hebrews 10:25 reminds us to gather so let’s do so this Saturday and continue to live WIDE OPEN what God is enTRUSTING to us


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