confidence in Christ

I have been asked and even asked myself on numerous occasions. How do I know where God wants me? Most of the time this question centers on where we gather each week to worship. Over the past years I am realizing the answer is not in the place but the people (church, ecclesia) that determines the where…so the question to answer is this?

  do the people I hang out with encourage me to be me..the real me…the one that can utilize my uniqueness for the unity of Christ? I pray that’s what the Refuge is for you.  It is for me…so thank you for allowing me to be me….. Our desire has been and will always be to have everyone participate and not spectate. MOST of our making HIM famous occurs outside of the 2 hours we meet each week.  That’s 99.98% of our time is in our home, at work and in our community.  take a look at that number again gang. It’s .0119% of our week that is spent in “corporate worship” hahaha….it really does crack me up as for years I was duped into “thinking” that my spiritual tank was being filled in the .0119%. NO MORE baby!

 More and more of you are realizing that Jesus discussing discipline means living life together during the week.  Seeing our families through the ups and downs of life and CELEBRATE as we go, not allowing the circumstances to determine our path. So here is an opportunity for some folks to jump in maybe for the first time.

It’s the next need you see unmet…go

love em up!

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