merging 2013 to 2014

……. NO WAY….don’t even think about talking about 2014 yet bivo, we havent popped the corks on the champagne or twisted the tops of the sparkling cider to celebrate the end of 2013.

hahaha…i know however this will bring the two together and prepare us for the next two weeks as we continue our discussion on “what is after the YES”

Studies show that over 80% of people who make a resolution, who make a promise, who resolve to do “something” to help improve their life at the start of a new will not accomplish their desired improvement UNLESS…UNLESS…UNLESS..
the promise is shared with someone else. the success rate goes WAY up!…..YES YES YES that makes perfect sense when we look in scripture to see all of the one another verses. You know the ones that tell us to pray for one another, encourage one another and the biggie, love one another!  Yes that does make sense for us to share a burden (that we resolve or promise each year) remembering that part of the defintion of burden is part of life that is heavy.

So think just for a second on why we say “ok this year im really gonna do it, im really really really gonna buckle down and do this” “im really going to rid myself of ___________ and yet we fall in that bucket of regret when we dont achieve our desired results…..can anyone else jump on this merry go round with me?

How about we start a different journey with a different source to power us through together? You see probably for most of us we are igniting the engine of “i” to try to accomplish. Lets start to trust the Jesus in us to take next steps to make the desired results. Its the HIM that will say yes this next step is beneficial.

Here is our next step if you are desiring to see something different in your life and want to live this out with others that may have a similiar desire show up 4:45 pm…..not 4:53. not 4:59 …hahaha at siegel choir room..we will need the time to make sure we know each others name first and pray over each other! …this is for folks that are willing to encourage and receive encouragment. When you arrive we will hear one another speak out (share) their promise, their desire. Depending on number of folks and varying areas we will break down into smaller groups and teach ya how to beLIeVE this out with each other. You will begin to see, taste and feel how Christ (Holy Spirit within) will transform your heart, which transforms belief, which changes lives!

Going to be crazy cool! go ahead and shoot out any questions you may have.. we will form groups over the next two weeks….and continue to develop as others come in our lives.

this is a great time to ask those that are not involved with a safe group to come and drink in a BIG dose of grace with each other!

love em up!

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