moving from unsure to sure..

Many years I traveled daily to and from Nashville from the ‘Boro (Murfreesboro) and traveled through the south. I was a sports talk junkie. I would listen in to the call shows during college recruiting and here was Uncle Jim Bob Tommy on the Aunt Louise side who was friends with the boy down the street who was being recruited by all of the biggies and he was a couldn’t miss, lots of upside and was a sure thang!  

Sure thing hmmmm….is there really such a thing? I have said, even thought those words in several areas of my life, and then to find out, my sure THANG wasn’t so sure after all. But how do we find out? We have to take steps, right? Decisions have to be made, direction has to be given and received in order to flow through what we believe at the time is most beneficial. Ever wonder what makes some folks walk through some of the most bizarre odds against them to accomplish what many say at the time “You’re crazy hahaha, that aint ever gonna work”….wonder how many times Henry Ford heard that as he was pulling together the assembly line? Oh, you think Rosa Parks heard some disparaging words before, during, after her bus ride? What about Mother Teresa, or Gandhi…I mean Gandhi told the world that his life is his message… WOW his life is his message…how? 

What about you and me? Jesus, after his resurrection, spending days with the disciples and many others spoke these words:

Mat 28:20 NLT 20 “Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

Did you see that? He tells ’em/us….”Be sure that I am with you always, even to the end of age”…why would he say that? Why is this important? Is this a sure THANG?  

We don’t know until we walk through the unsure…. so many times I hear people state “I just want God to give me a neon sign that shows the way”…uh HE is the way…trust me I know what people are saying, or I think I do as I relate to where I am with those statements:

God what I really want is to know the results, the outcome before I take that next step.

What’s the upside? I’m calculating like crazy the pros cons and the what ifs and yet, I see guys who were fishing one day drop nets after hearing Jesus say “follow me”…. No, “Hey what’s the goal,”  or “Who is our target audience? What is the demographic we are going after, teacher?” 

I want to believe that the boys who first said yes to Jesus wondered within their being…. “Man o man what are we doing…is this guy really who he says he is? Can we be sure?” And we see their answer when they fled and we also see their answer of the sure THANG when Jesus ascended. This bunch of rabble rowzers, this bunch of beLIeVERS set a new course of life when they drank in the words and beLIeVED with all of their heart, mind and soul that Jesus was indeed with them ALWAYS (that’s some upside there) even to the end of the ages. 

So what’s your not want to…. what is your not sure moment that you’re really wanting all of the answers before you move forward? Be sure of this: Jesus is already in the unknown which makes it known…. move with confidence of being sure you are HIMpowered as you love ’em up in your homes, schools, and work! 

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