Morning Juice January 16 (new year desires)

ah yea….here we are half way through the first month of the the new year, 2018. Anyone out there set goals, or make the statement “ I’m gonna do it this year ?“

How are you doin?

In this season of life, I’m not one to set new year resolutions, however i am one that will adjust certain areas of my life that seem outta kilter as the days, weeks, months and year fly by. For example, I have an area around my belly that is referred to as “flub a dub” or “rub a dub”, yep, it’s the keeper of the various sweets and other yummies that roll across the taste buds. As the calendar turns to a new year and the age on this body starts to stack up with the metabolism that once helped keep the flub a dub in check are now losing the battle. Adjustments are required. No, I didn’t quit eating them altogether, silly goose. I started with portion control, yes, smaller portions of those yummies and maybe a few more hits on the elliptical will solve the ever increasing size of the area around my belly button. hmmmmm…more adjustments needed…ok ok ok…it totally has to be worth the calorie added to portion control and even more minutes on the elliptical. yes, this will be it. Now gang yes my flub a dub is still present, yet today I believe it is a bit smaller (not sure why deb is laughing over there ) ….

So what is going on with my desires, my longings? You see the battle? I have a desire for the belly from my 20’s , yet the longing and desire of the sweet is winning the day.

what is the sweet feeding? Heck it’s just dang good, not gonna over think this one hahaha….

But have you ever thought why we have the start overs? you know that conversation we have with ourselves when that certain area in our live just isn’t like we want it to be? There is that same longing desire for something to be better in your life. I mean we even read in the bible (which by the way i’m referring to as my beLIeVING book (isn’t that fun!?!!).

Psa 37:4 NLT 4 Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires.

So if that certain something that we have pulled up around our boot straps and said by ding dangy, its on this time, we have put our big girl panties on and we are swinging for the fences. Isn’t that a desire from our heart? maybe just maybe couldn’t we ask ourselves “why do i stop the very activity that I have deemed will make me feel better, isn’t that a heart desire? I must say looking back at the verse we have a hint of the help in the beginning of the verse we just read. (take a peek) however, before we dive into that piece, let’s ponder the desire you have?

Who created that particular longing or, as we are discussing, desire?

Yea i agree God, our creator has blown A desire within us only he can quench. Thus, as the psalmist wrote, take delight. Take delight? …and our heart’s desire….our hearts longing will be given….Wait, did you notice where the desire is flowing from?

its a request from our heart? What is the desire of our/my heart? It’s HIM…he is the sweet, He is before the yummies. He is in the do over. Yet how do we teach each other to first- TAKE delight in HIM. I love how the psalmist states to take it, maybe your translation simply states Delight, it’s a choice, it’s an action of delighting in HIM as he delights in us. Ah, I wonder if that’s it for some. We forget that he delights in us, takes joy in us, is slap hap silly bonkers in love with us. So could that be it?

Isa 62:4 NLT 4 Never again will you be called “The Forsaken City” or “The Desolate Land.” Your new name will be “The City of God’s Delight” and “The Bride of God,” for the LORD delights in you and will claim you as his

booooooo yyaaaaaaa are you seeing this? the Lord delights in you. He desires, yes, you….he claimed us through jesUS. He wasn’t going to be without us so he lives in US. i mean really and truly that is more satisfying than the dove dark chocolate i just devoured and it lasts longer too…What if in those areas of our lives we desire to see better, we recall that we are equipped with HIM. We are his dwelling place, so when i’m about to grab the bag of yummy, or about to respond to life in a manner that i no longer desire, what if i remember he is within me?

maybe, just maybe the number of wrappers will start to be less when i take delight in him first….something for my little bald head….ooops wait something for my heart to consider, yes that’s the origin of the desire.

love yall, have a fabulous week!

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