Morning juice (belief/unrest)

He loves me
He loves me not

He loves me
He loves me not

Petals of flowers lay around the feet of the soul who is just unsure and is searching for any type of confirmation that the one she loves loves her back. The “man, does he?” thoughts stem from uncertainty, a moment of unbelief.

As we have been traveling through Hebrews the message is loud and clear in regards to unbelief. Like our friend pulling petals off the flowers, there is no rest, our souls are in constant flux, no peace. The writers are sending constant reminders in chapter 3 as they reference back to Psalm 95. The hearts were hardened thus God would not allow them to enter HIS rest. So what is the source of unbelief?

Tuesday we batted this around in the sanctuary of our living room and we shared.

  • unbelief is an unwillingness to trust, yet we as a people state “God is faithful”
  • Yes God is faithful, based on?
    • how we think the circumstances or outcomes should look?
    • no, one replied, he is faithful to himself, to his character, faithful to his nature of love
  • others discussed the man chatting with Jesus even asking for Jesus to help him in his unbelief

Back to the psalmist who is reminding us of the unrest the wanderers of the desert felt when after a band of folks went into to have a sneak preview of the land God promised them – A land promised if only they would beLIeVE….most know this recap – the band of wanderers go in, see a people that are giants, ah for the vegans out there, the veggies and fruits plentiful and huge, a couple of the ol boys even bring back some evidence. Back at camp after 40 days of scouting, researching, seeing, tasting, experiencing this sacred land, the discussion begins much like ours…”well what do you think?”…..the wanderers default to their murmuring of the desert, their victim mentality comes frothing to the top: “no way we can do this”…their unbelief smothering and hardening their hearts to the truth of who God is and trusting his nature to inhabit the place of rest he has and is promising.

But wait! There are two fellas (Joshua and Caleb) that are looking at each other and press against the temptation to go along with the crowd. Joshua and Caleb pipe in and declare with full beLIeVING energy, “NO WAY. This land is promised to us….we are beLIeVING. Let’s go…”

No need to pull petals off a flower to determine if they trust the love from the father.

These guys are sure of the plan God breathed out for them. Yet we know the rest of the story, don’t we? A generation of people who saw and experienced miracle after miracle overruled and decided to stay. That unbelief, that defying the restful place of God resulted in a generation of folks dying off….with the exception of the 2….they entered and received what God said was waiting on them…REST.

Where and who does your rest come from?

If you are having trouble answering that question, or if you have been wandering in your own desert and desire to enter into the rest God provides through Jesus, but are just not quite sure, we will help you put the flower down and help each other in our unbelief

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