Morning juice (Lent)

The flowers have been given, cards purchased, envelopes sealed and then ripped open. Incredibly cools words spoken and hopefully received from the one speaking the words, therefore nourishing the heart. For some the panic of calling that florist hearing yourself “it doesn’t matter that the only thing you have left is a bloomin’ cactus, put a freakin’ bow on it and send it…oh oh oh…write on the card thinkin of you always”…

hahaha….All the while on the day the world recognizes as Valentines Day, a day to remember love, a day to show love, was also the start of lent. Depending on how you were raised in the faith lent could have several meanings (good or bad). This discussion is not meant to persuade or dissuade anyone. The purpose of this discussion is to help us understand motive of the why.

For most who have said yes to Jesus and beLIeVE the words of Christ on the cross IT IS FINISHED, the motive for the 40 days (lent) prior to tomb blasting is to help remove a particular something in their life that is not desirable, it has been determined for this season that giving this particular “thing” up that their lives would be better. For most it ranges from some type of food, maybe an activity, or could be a drink and then after the 40 days most will pick up the aforementioned and life picks back up. Yes for the limited times I went into a fast the perceived “thing” was eventually picked back up. I’m finding my focus on the ‘thing’ to fast from was a bit off.

Could it be that we are refraining from the incorrect piece? What if we fasted from unbelief? Go with me for just a moment. If we have stated that giving up something will make our lives closer, richer, better with God then why do we pick that certain back up? What is that certain something feeding that we don’t beLIeVE God will and can feed? Ever thought about how Jesus during his 40 days in the desert allowed God to feed him? What was Jesus “giving” up? or was he? Why did Jesus continually not only say no to the enemy in the desert and eventually whip his ass and hand us all victory over death. Why did he constantly go against the tradition, the rules, of the day when approached by the boys in the long robes (teacher of the law, Pharisees, Sadducees etc) Could it be that he was modeling how to beLIeVE the words from our/his father? He knew that the washings of the day, the ceremony, the ritual, the sacrifices, the rote of the doing was not bringing people closer to God but the doing was building up egos, status and hierarchy. (Hebrews 10:8-10; Matthew 20:25-28; Mark 10:42-45 Luke 22:25-27 and 1 Peter 5:1-3)

Jesus didn’t believe the system gang. HE fulfilled it! He fasted from unbelief in the desert, he was relentless in attaching to unbelief when verbally assaulted from all walks of life (forgive them father for they know not what they are doing). He refused to not trust that his/our father has us in the clutch of his plan. He had ruthless trust and a willingness to follow even in moments of asking “is there any other way” with blood dripping down his nose. yet to hear himself say to abba “not my will but yours”

“He said He can move mountains. He can move my mountain. He can move your mountain too. I have to beLIeVE”. (Rita Springer)

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