Mornin Juice (party of the Lamb)

The non-stop talk, discussion, debate, of the mid-term elections and then the upcoming 2020 elections on all screens is off the charts. Not sure if it’s my aging, maturing, but is the world ultra-sensitive these days. we are growing more and more leery of one another, we don’t trust the motive of the other just because of the label that is self-applied or one that is shoved on us by another group who doesn’t like what we are saying or doing. Are we even listening to each other anymore?

the answer I believe is a resounding no.

I have a chance to sit in with various men each Friday morning at a local coffee shop. The gathering is referred to as Koinonia, which means fellowship or communion. It’s a beautiful time as men of all socio-economic background start to mingle at 07:00 am just welcoming each other and chatting about any and everything in life. The group can be anywhere from 4 to 13 each week, and yes some of the faces are the same each week yet the beauty is the randomness of the others that drop in and out each week. There are no denominations, no agendas just Jesus. The leader, Michael Jordan, (no not the basketball player but just as tall) will typically lower the roar of the conversations by letting everyone know which verse we will chew on for the next 30-45 minutes. The discussion is wide open, with varying views of how we hear God rolling through the scriptures. And Michael does a fabulous job of centering everyone back on point when the conversations start to dart down rabbit holes and pig trails.

on this particular day, along with each Friday we meet, we will have areas of our lives where we would like others to pray. As we were about to wrap up, I felt led to ask others to pray for our leaders, of local, regional and national. I expressed how most of the folks in the elected positions are on the same team on a given Sunday or whatever day they worship through Christ, so how cool it would be that if we could after Sunday not put on the donkey or the elephant and live with each other from the higher relationship of Jesus…that all of us could recognize the higher power of Jesus….all were in agreement, and then Donny leaned over to me and said.

hey bivo….it’s the party of the Lamb!

YES YES YES! Donny has flat out nailed this. What if we came together each day under the banner of party of the Lamb….when asked are you conservative, progressive, liberal, and all the other labels, we would say nope I’m with party of the Lamb! dag gum it…IM in….through HIM we can learn to trust the motive of each other’s hearts, it takes time gang to listen and learn to find common ground the strengthens all.

lets rise together under the RISEN LAMB of GOD, Jesus Christ!

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