coupon craze

Seems like everytime I turn around there is another coupon guru. You know that person who can help you find deals, on top of deals, that layer yet on top of another deal and by the time you walk out of the store with 5648 bottles of water, the folks that rang up your purchase and then redeemed the coupons you walk out of the store with them giving you money!

Amazing! So now shows are popping up, websites are created and the fury is on.

What if I told ya, that Jesus was a couponer. Yea the ultimate couponer. How you ask, did they have parchment coupons back in the day of loaves and fish? Hahaha….don’t think so, but I do know this. That in a few days Easter will be celebrated by some, ignored by some, and scorned by others. Yet for those that have placed faith in Christ have been redeemed and celebrate the empty tomb daily.

Most of us have seen coupons and most of the coupons have a picture of the item that is purchased. Imagine for a second that when you placed faith in Christ that He had a coupon. And the coupon with little tiny words written on the bottom, with the dotted lines¬†along the edge¬†to guide the scissors, and the expiration date¬†on the bottom and the coupon¬†has your picture on it.¬†The day you place faith in Christ, He rifles through his coupon book¬†of¬†folks HE desires to place faith and pulls¬†the coupon¬†out that has your picture on it and as¬†HE hands it over to God to scan, you notice the¬†expiration date is no longer on the bottom of the¬†coupon…..YOU¬†ARE REDEEMED¬†¬†¬†you are FOREVER forgiven

He, Jesus through His death, burial and resurrection bought you for Himself, He paid the price to recover us from the power of another, if we were on layaway He bought us off, paid the balance and WE RECEIVE the PROMISES…AMAZINGLY AWESOME!

So where is your coupon?

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