loves me….loves me not

Happy Sunday to everyone ! For those traveling on spring break you were missed. If you have never participated in life with us at ReCharge you were missed also.

Does anyone remember when¬†you were a wee little tike,¬†and you would pick a flower that had lots of petals. You know like daises.¬† Yea, they were perfect for the times you would pull the first petal off ¬†and state “he/she loves me” toss that petal to the ground and you grab the next petal between your thumb and index finger, and with a slight tug, ¬†the petal seperates from the stem “he/she loves me not.” Hahah, you remember now don’t ya?

We caught¬†a glimpse of this scenario Saturday night in our discussion. Paul¬† in a round about way¬† is stating in Galatians 4, “What in the heck is going on? What are you doing?” Why are you adding the do’s and don’ts of the¬†law¬†back on grace? ¬†He is talking with a people that really understood the freedom through faith in Christ, yet the Galatians, and we¬†too, will grab the flowers to pull the petals like “i had my quiet time”, He loves me….”man i missed my quiet time” He loves me not” or “what a blast feeding the homeless this morning” He loves me…”why did i just pass that homeless person with a cardboard sign?” He loves me not. We tend to live in a world of wondering if God is pleased with us through our behavior.

We are learning together that instead of beating ourselves up for not checking the mental boxes in our head to keep God pleased, that we can transform our thoughts to know these are ways for us to ENHANCE our relationship with God.

How about you?  How do you base whether or not God is pleased? What are some of the ways you enchance your relationship with Christ. Let us know through the forum page located on look forward to your comments


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