For most that see that number, your thought may go toward what could have been if only Peyton would have chosen the Tennessee Titans as his next home to play football….but today the number carries a WHOLE lot more weight..

that’s how many days until Easter….yes we celebrate the stone rolled away each day, but we must realize there are plenty who “feel” that the stone just may not be rolled away or the stone rolls back and forth almost like a sliding glass door. In 18 days, we will have a SONrise stone rolling away celebration that will echo through the hills of Barfield. We will gather under a pavilion to worship a RISEN SAVIOR…why wait…let’s do so today.

 Grab your book or screen and find Galatians 5, go ahead and read the entire chapter then go back and look at verse 6, in particular the second half to see what is important. Yea isn’t that cool….faith expressing itself in love (NLT).

 go ahead and express yourself hey hey hey hey hahaha…(madonna flashback) lets do just that, let’s express ourselves in RESURRECTED, stone rolled away CHRIST LOVE!

see ya Saturday, keep asking folks….there is 149,856 still out there


love em up!

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