walk to the cross day 4

back in Jerusalem

¬†you have noticed that each day Jesus heads out of Jerusalem to Mount of Olives. A place you believe has become a place of solitude or recharge. And with good reason as the gentle slopes of the mount which climb approximately 2500 ft are covered with olive groves, just a beautiful place for Jesus to seek the face of God. ¬†Yet each day He returns to the temple to teach. Seems like for now that “things” are pretty silent compared to the fury of activity where Jesus swarmed folks out of the Temple and the constant badgering and questioning from the teachers of the law and religious leaders, today they are mysteriously absent from the Temple.

¬†Families and individuals are still swarming into the city to celebrate the Passover and the various sounds from the animals brought in for the sacrifice is growing by the minute. The chorus of lambs, goats, along with birds creates in one way this beautiful almost peaceful background noise to the fury of folks scurrying around gathering “stuff” in preparation for the Passover meal. But you quickly remember that one of the lambs in the choir of background noise of animals is your lamb, your spotless lamb, your didn’t do anything to anybody lamb and IMMEDIATELY you divert your thoughts away from the visual in your mind of seeing your lamb slaughtered for you and your family. Something just doesn’t seem to be “fair” or add up in this equation.

¬†it’s not my lambs fault I think what I think, why should my spotless lamb be slaughtered for me not honoring my mama and daddy, or or why does he have to pay the price for me having other Gods in my life. And it definitely is not my lambs fault that mama and daddy fuss with each other to the point their anger spills out on me, it’s NOT my lambs PRICE to pay?

 Meanwhile behind closed doors

¬†The leading priests, the teachers of the law are gathering together to discuss just how ¬†they can plot to kill this fella named Jesus. The one who claims to be the messia‚Ķ.ah‚Ķyea the savior. ¬†As they are plotting Judas Iscariot (one of the guys you have seen walking with Jesus, the one holding the money bag) finds the priests and the teachers of the law. Man they sure are delighted to see him today. This is the same guy 24 hours before they wouldn’t give the time of day to. Yet these circumstances have them flippin in their robes. For 30 silver coins, Judas will help them betray Jesus.

 The trap is set. Or is it?

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