walk to the cross day 6

you run back to where your mama and daddy yet the run this time is for a different reason, this run is FULL of understanding, this run is FULL of belief and you want to share your joy with mama and daddy, you run to thank them for sowing into you the foundation of forever. They meet you with open arms.

 you rest this night is peaceFULL

 there has been quite a bit of activity during the night while you were sleeping.  You find out from conversations with others that have wandered in and out to the courtyards that the man, the one who held the money bag, the one you noticed last night that had a different countenance than the others, this Judas Iscariot, led a group of men that was commissioned by the flowing robe boys……. Ah you remember the ones, the ones that are the teachers of the law, the priests, the ones asking all of the questions…..yea them….. Judas led em out to the garden of Gethsamne. They sent with Judas, men with swords and torches to capture Jesus.  You can’t help but laugh hearing that one of the men that came to capture Jesus had his ear lopped off, and that Jesus plopped it back on…..SO COOL…..as you think how Jesus is healing 24/7.,

 You have heard that EVERYONE has deserted Jesus during the evening….even the one that last night as Jesus was washing his feet, boldly stated even if everyone else deserts you Lord I will never leave, I will die with ya…..wow wonder how he feels now, hiding, where did he run to, and where are the others, did they run to a central location or are they scattered. your mind is now starting to race a bit as you now “feel” that this sacrifice will carry WAY much more weight, and even knowing what you know, you desperately do not desire for Jesus to pay your price.

 in the background you hear the crowd scream give us Barabbas, give us barabbas….you know why, as it is the custom to release a prisoner to freedom, yet the crowd has turned and you run toward the noise, the crowd is deafening in it’s desire to crucify Jesus, it’s that same faces you saw as you entered the city a few days ago, it’s the same crowd that celebrated with palm leaves singing Hosanna (save us please). Jesus is whisked away and the abuse is on, my gosh, why the smacks in the face, the smacks are with more than their hands, the verbal assault seems to pierce more than the flogging. Layers upon layers of flesh are gashed open from both…..they bring Jesus back out and the mocking continues as they have laced his brow with a crown of thorns and layered a purple robe on his shoulders. The man in charge well at least he may think so named, Pilate, says this man, Jesus is not guilty…..but the boys in the robes say NO WAY and excite the crowds yet again to CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM

 you can’t believe how fast the morning is zipping by and you notice the sun is high above it must be close to 12:00 yet darkness fills the sky an eerily black darkness that surrounds your entire world as you know it. Jesus is carrying the cross, stumbling along the way from it’s weight and now you know it’s not the weight of the cross but the weight of your whatevers in life, and not only your whatevers, but the whatevers of the world is now piling on top of him….He continues to rise through the weight and walk/stumble ahead……a man named Simon(no not that simon/peter he is hiding) is pulled out of the crowd to help carry the physical weight of the cross, but Jesus leans into carrying our forever up the mountain you said your mind you would never visit, Golgotha. Oh my gosh it does look like a skull. The place reeeks of darkness and the stench of death lingers in the air. You close your eyes as He is placed on the cross, the sound of the hammer CLANGING to the nail is more than you can bear and you crumble underneath the CLANG, CLANG, CLANG, CLANG…the wrists, the feet bound to the cross, your stomach empties out the contents from the previous meals, as the emotion of Jesus saving the world is in FULL motion. He is hoisted into the air, the jarring of the cross into the holes dug in the ground for the cross sets the nails even more. You see a sign that is above his head that reads King of Jews. the man that stated earlier that Jesus wasn’t guilty wrote those words, wonder if he really means it, as the flowing robe boys want him to change it to read ‘he said I am the king of Jews’…….pilate didn’t budge on this one!

timing in your mind is really getting crazy now as you know that preparations are still going on in the city with many for passover meals, your spotless earthly lamb is still in the choir of other animals screaming out as they are being slaughtered in unison for sacrifices, yet you watch THE PASSOVER LAMB of GOD on the cross. Jesus’ passion continues as he tells Father to forgive, to forgive for they don’t know what they are doing. There are some ladies that you haven’t noticed before, gosh they are doubled over in pain, they are writhing in agony from watching the day unfold before them, and it is His mother, Mary. She gave birth to our Savior, the ONE who will now save her…..what is He saying…..i can’t make it out, but he is saying something….he must have said that he is thirsty as they are lifting up a sponge to his lips and Jesus Christ says:


 you know what that means, at least your pretty sure anyway. The price for me and you is being paid…..you start to walk back to the rest of your family and you are just emotionally spent from the day, what is normally a 30 minute walk turns into an hour, not sure where your mind has been or why the delay but as you enter the city approximately 3:00 pm the earth beneath you shakes and trembles, erupts…..the ground has become violent with emotion its as if the earth is trying to do what you did hours ago and throw up whatever is inside…..the combination of the darkness, the sacrifice, the pain, the earth trembling and now the buildings around you are shaking along with the Temple. The temple is more than trembling its in shock and the VEIL IS TORN….the price for me and you and is being paid in FULL on the cross….what seems like an eternity passes in a flash! Now the words IT IS FINISHED, three powerful words when spoken sound like I LOVE YOU!



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