two timers

Hello my little daffodil lovers,

¬†ok this is the time of year folks are coming out of hibernation. This is also the time of year folks will have traveled to a local place of worship for their annual pilgrimage for Easter or for some their bi annual with a visit for Christmas. Look I was one of those guys that was a two time a year partaker. So I understand‚Ķ.oh sure in the early going I may have gone through the doors a few more times, but my head, nor my HEART was in it. But what happesn for some when they place themselves in the midst of folks centered on Christ is the thought of “is this stuff really for real?” or “ok this time I’m going to find a place and give it a shot”‚Ķ.isn’t that interesting?‚Ķ.look at that statement‚Ķ.going to find a place‚Ķ.how about we help folks find people that wherever they are is THE PLACE‚Ķlet’s help show those in our midst that we are safe no matter where we go, and that it’s the people that create the safe environment enveloped by Jesus Christ!

 I believe the HEARTS are opened when folks taste the juice of helping others. You see I believe that for those that are bi annual partakers, there is an ember glowing that is desiring to be ignited and it will EXPLODE when you,the oxygen of Jesus Christ, blows life into them by asking them to join you in your home, or asking folks to tag along to serve alongside the people that are on our radar screen that are making Jesus famous in our community. Their hearts are open or at least the drawbridge to their heart is starting to lower. This week is a great opportunity to show those around us that all we want to do is love God and love people and lets invite everyone to gather at the Jordan campsite…send them over to  www.therefugemboro for details.

 so pray through those in your circle and ask em to join in the fun of life with us!

 love em up!

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