What an amazing few days, as youth that desire to make Jesus famous in our community pulled together a day of service with the folks at Way of Hope. This organization is helping homeless women and children transition into more permanent housing. The day was filled with raking, cleaning counter tops,vacuuming, cleaning out fence rows, burning scrap wood, burning brush, a few people gagging when a toilet that had been “stopped” up for a few years came loose, more raking, more bags of trash picked up, more floors swept, pizza consumed, tons of pizza left over and on top of all of the activities HOPE was hovering.

You see Jesus was and is¬†the centerpiece of the outflowing of love, it was and is¬†the love of Jesus that wooed Brad and his family to help ladies find a safe place to stay each night, in a city that finds itself with more shelter space for animals than it does for homeless women and children. It was and is¬†the love of Christ and the HOPE¬†that moves local churches that are centered on Jesus Christ to open their doors each night to feed, and provide a safe¬†place to lay their heads without the threat of being raped, abused, molested or threatened. It’s the love of Christ and the HOPE that faith in Christ delivers that moves 12-16 year old youth together to start owning their faith and share with¬†a world around us that here is just one of the reasons for the HOPE we have in Jesus Christ (1 Peter 3:15 NLT).

Over the course of the week¬†I found it pretty cool to see the connection when Jesus stated that I am the Way the Truth and Life¬†, no one can come to the Father¬†except through me¬†(John 14:6 NLT) and the name of the organization¬†people serve through the Way of Hope.¬†¬†So our focus is not on who we are serving but the ONE who showed us the way to serve. Jesus demonstrated through His life the Way, the¬†path to follow, the course to take, the direction to head in our love for Him and how¬†our love, how¬†our confident¬†HOPE in Christ¬†flows out to service. So what Brad and¬†the volunteers through the Way of Hope¬†are reallying doing¬†when a¬†lady and her children are placed on their path is to say; ¬†“hey let us show you the way, yea this path that leads to HOPE,¬†a hope that is not a wishful hope but a HOPE based on what¬†Christ has already done (Romans 5:1 NLT)¬†we will walk it with ya, this path is a one to take when we are weak and weary, its one that will help take the sting off your current path, its that pathway through and to Jesus” Praise God they are not just pointing or waving out directions to show the way to HOPE, but these guys and you too are lovin em to HOPE as you share yours!

If this has found you in a place of celebrating HOPE will you share it with others? If this has found you and you are without HOPE will you let us know, pain knows no boundaries of socioeconomic status and HOPE through Jesus Christ has no boundaries. We’ll walk it with ya and probably in our conversations all of us will saying “me too”. Hey we love yall, hope to see you soon!

love em up!

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