what did he say



so excited that we are meeting this week at the West campsite (Chris/Beth thank you!) 

We are finishing up our journey through Galatians as we travel through chapter 6. Read the 18 verses over and over. Take note of the words that jump off the page for you. whatbare the verses where you are high fiving Paul saying ” thats right baby im in on some of that” or what are some of the verses that have us saying to ourselves “uh i didnt know that was in there wowzers”

Picture yourself being part of the group that was on the scene as this letter was read for the first time. Chances were that most on the group couldnt read, and so wonder how many tomes the words were spoken over and over. You may have heard in the crowd “hey that part on sharing what was that again?” someone else chimes in ” yea that part on helping, who did He say to help?”¬†

Lets bring our kiddos in on these conversations gang, the “church” that our kiddos attend is where they are laying their heads down to sleep

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love em up!

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