You guys remember when Gatorade first popped on the scene? Yea it came in the bottles that what were somewhat pear/traingle shaped with the orange cap, the green label and the logo that looked like…..


 Yea there you go… first memory of this drink is back in Tullahoma and grabbing the first bottle from the cooler inside a store we visited often on our bicycles, called Minit Saver. Man it was hot that day and the draw of the lemon lime concoction could not be resisted. As we burst out the doors we popped the lids open and down the hatch with some of the ice cold, brain freezing, quenching drink pouring out of the sides of our mouths as we filled it to overflow! after the big sound you make after taking a big OL drink aaaaaahhhhhhhh, a wipe across the face and down goes another. WOW what is this stuff it’s AWESOME, it makes me feel revived, refreshed, ALIVE…we can ride for days on this stuff hahaha!

 Wonder if the woman at the well felt the same after her encounter with Jesus that day at the well (John 4) She is strolling up in mid day to draw water from a well. She is a Samaritan woman, who is avoiding the crowds, who is carrying shame, embarrasment, guilt, ridicule in the “empty” buckets to draw water. You see the crowds around her know her past, they know she has had 5 husbands and now she is living with the 6th man, we are not told why, but we are quick to draw conclusions aren’t we? So have others… She is beating herself up enough, so she surely doesn’t need anymore attention drawn to her as she thirsts for way more than water that day. Jesus is there and he too is thirsty. Thirsty yes from his walk from Judea heading to Galilee, sure he could have gone the route most other Jewish people would travel in order to avoid Samaria, a route that would add many miles to their journey,  but not Jesus, not our reconciler, not our Prince of Peace. For he had a date with a princess who has forgotten she is a princess, and he arrives to quench her thirst! Go ahead and read the scene.

 It’s a sweet one, form the vision in your mind of her running to tell others who she has encountered (Jesus), she is running, a people that just a few minutes, days, weeks, we are not sure maybe years has avoided, but there is someone (Jesus) on the scene that is leaving her refreshed. The people can she that she is refreshed, that she is revived that she is ALIVE! Her soul is not thirsty as it once was, she is overflowing with love and acceptance, she cannot stop herself from running and sharing with others that she knows THE THIRST QUENCHER and His name is Jesus, her Prince of Peace has come to refresh her soul. aaaaahhhhhhh!

 Let’s join together Saturday and celebrate the living Water of Jesus Christ and share with each other how to refresh our souls through HIM!

 love em up!

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