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 Wednesday morning if you are available and have a desire to tip toe into the waters of serving Christ in the community, come on out and join us. Last call 4 Grace which is located 201 West Main Street here in the boro ((corner of west main and Maple, in the basement of the public defenders office). Wednesday mornings at 9:30 they unload packages from Feed America and stage for meals that evening at Regal Inn, Jackson Motel and maybe some other areas not sure. Here is their website so you can look under the hood a bit to see the various areas they are serving.(

We saw this past week in Colossians how Epaphras had to be one of the guys that told Paul what was going on in Colossae. Remember Paul is the one that lived life with Epaphras and showed him how to live a changed life. Paul showed Epaphras how to live out the GREAT News of Jesus Christ! So much so that Epaphras went back to Colossae to share what Paul shared with him and in doing so we read the words where Paul stated we/I have heard of your faith…i/we have heard how your love for others is pouring out and how your changed lives is making a difference in Colossae. (take a crusie through Colossians 1:1-14)

So come on and see if this is an area where God desires for you to live out some of your uniqueness. Please use this vehicle to communicate other opportunities for us to join in and serve in our community.

Last comment for this email‚Ķyou saw the invitation from angela to come out to their place to pray over the “bucket” and where God will have the dollars folks are tossing into the bucket to help with needs people have at home, at work and in the community. POUR into their home heck I pray SO many people pour in that the fire marshall has to be called‚Ķ.can imagine the look on the face if they had to come out and disperse cars…..”uh maam‚Ķwhy so many cars?”‚Ķ.angela: “well we are praying, you wanna join us! HAHAHA that would be so stinking cool. He would have heard of your faith

love em up!

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