where the money goes

here is a link to the site that will show where the dollars folks pour into the bucket are being poured back out to….please share with those in your circle of influence and ask them to join us in helping serve the needs of our community through the various organizations. Make HIM famous


Bon jwa (Good afternoon

¬†Gang as we settle back in to the boro’ THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for praying, thank you for sending emails, texts, facebook notices, smoke signals, sign language‚Ķhahaha. all of the different ways you find to communicate to not only us but to each person that is GOing in HIS name, where our GOing includes our local zip codes in the boro and in the states! This week several of the folks that served Christ in Haiti will share part of their journey.

 Here is a glimpse into the next few weeks (remember to keep up by going to www.therefugemboro.com)

 July 21                   Siegel High School then at West home after ReCharge

July 28                   People pour out opportunity with S.A.V.E 5k race (more details to follow)

Aug 4                     Back at Siegel High….6:00 pm fellowship time will focus on why we do what we do…great time for folks curious about who and what the Refuge is about to come out 6:30 worship back in                          Colossians

Aug 4                     also starts a new rotation for disciple makers (guys who are hanging out and loving on the little ones) great opportunity to pour out , learn if this is an area where you can live out your                         uniqueness

 Attached you will see a graph (thanks to those praying over the bucket) the graph gives a visual of people who are giving themselves first, and in their giving desire to help others who are teaching individuals they are worthy to be given to and worthy to participate in life. For some the giving results in sharing their time, for some the giving results in sharing their time and dollars. When you look at the graph, feel free to share with those in your circle, not to pat ourselves on the back but to share that under each of the tabs like

 Missions…that there are names like Jamie isabell, Janice Bugg, Jonathan Moore, Michael Miller and many others are feeling the result of people giving themselves first  and helping finance their GOing to the nations to make Jesus famous or

under the Ministries tab folks like Branches Recovery Center, SOZO, G.I.R.L.S Ranch, 5000 ministry, Doors of Hope, Way of Hope and others feel the impact of a people giving themselves first where the dollars and time given help the organizations keep serving those God places in their lap according to their uniqueness and giftedness‚Ķ‚Ķ or or hang on there is more, when we look under the Community tab we see people giving themselves and in return help finance a Christmas banquet for teeagers that otherwise wouldn’t, help contribute to Allen fund to help with offset expenses of a family loosing their daddy and husband or joining our brothers and sisters to help supply food for the community thanksgiving dinner here to the list goes on‚Ķ. And to complete living out Galatians 6:10 (go ahead go get your BOOK and read it, isn’t that neat?) underneath the NEEDS tab is where we find a safe place to get help from and with each other. These are the dollars shared primarily with folks that are calling the Refuge home, ranges from help to bridge gaps in between jobs, to groceries, electric bills, etc.

¬†So when you look at the above and then read Acts 2 man o man it is chicken skin moments when we see how close these are‚Ķwhat a refreshing way to live out Christ’s vision for HIS church. You see I really do understand what folks are saying when I hear ’em say let’s cast a vision for how we “do” this‚Ķ..uh gang‚Ķ.God already cast the vision and it’s WAY COOL! and you are doing it‚Ķ.bring others in‚Ķ.let them share in the freedom in serving Jesus WIDE OPEN‚Ķwhat if instead of giving away, sharing away, loving away $20,000 it was $200,000? WhY not?

¬†March 23, 2013 we are going to rent out Patterson Park‚Ķit’s the saturday before Easter and we are going to CELEBRATE not a dollar amount but celebrate the resurrected lives your belief and giving of yourselves ¬†to make Jesus famous is making in our homes at work and in our community!


love em up!

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