Lords Supper

Good morning gang!

What a tremendous time last night as we celebrated life in Christ together!

¬†Here is a question for ya! Does everyone in your home know why believers in Christ participate in the Lord’s Supper? Go ahead take time right now to stop and ask each person regardless of age‚Ķok the babies are excluded since they aren’t putting words together yet through their cheerio breath ahahahaha. Ask yourself first, then each other‚Ķ.is there hesitation? you got it great help others‚Ķ

¬†Most have heard and participated in the Lord’s Supper (Holy Eucharist) in many ways, and frequencies. And quite honestly the secondary issues on the frequency and how to participate tangle some folks up and have given fuel for people to start ¬†the many different denominations we see today‚Ķ.the focus on the Lords Supper (Holy Eucharist) is?…………..yes Jesus Christ‚Ķ.do this in remembrance of ME (Jesus). Take a cruise back through Matthew 26, Mark 14 and Luke 22. What you will see is Jesus leading the disciples in their participation of the Passover meal. The meal prepared each year for their remembrance of how God passed over the homes with blood smeared on the door frames for the forgiveness of their sins. The last supper is called just that for a reason. There would be NO more need for the Passover meal as our Passover lamb Jesus set his sights on the cross and then the empty tomb to settle, to reconcile, to restore, to say IT IS FINISHED so that we through faith will no longer have to work ourselves to death to “try” to please or gain approval. Jesus Christ is our approval.

 WOW, WOW….WOW….that is something worth remembering, that is why the gospel is called good news! So each week the Lords Supper will be available for you to remember. Men lead your families in the remembrance.  These are amazing times we are in as we more and more people are realizing the freedom we have to live out Christ through the uniqueness He has given us.

 Here is a request….is there a family and or families that would like to serve by bringing the bread and juice each week? several families can share in this treat and will help provide a time for teaching within your family as you bring the elements: bread (body) juice (blood)….which was poured out for me and you! YES YES YES…ok let me know

 love em up!

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