Happy New Year! WHAT?

Yea Happy New Year! hahaha…

¬†It sort has that feel for me this time of year. As kids prepare to go back to school the mind set is one of anticipation, excitement for some, anxious, nervous, knees knocking, high fiving and that’s just the parents! hahaha. The emotions roll through both parents, kids, teachers and administrators. The glow of starting over, starting fresh is in the air. This is also a time when families say to themselves you know we are going to find a place to worship, or we gotta find a place to plug in spiritually. What is it about starting over that excites us? or or or What is it about starting a new adventure, while yes scares us, at the same time exhilarates our spirit to high pitched shrills from girls to thunderous chest pumping from the men and vice versa‚Ķ. mentally of course hahaha.

¬†it’s that excitement right before the clock strikes midnight and the corks start flying off bottles‚Ķ.it’s those moments right before you have to wake someone up to tell them it’s about to be midnight! It’s that time when time stands still from the craziness of the past 12 months and the next few minutes are held in time to this almost slow motion movement of bliss! You with me now? yea and we get some of this fresh start flow in August or September whenever your school year starts. The kiddos head out of the gates and we run into work, or school with the “this time ITS going to be different” mentally, teeth clinched, jaw set, chest pumped out‚Ķyea this time “I really MEAN it” and the “we are gonna’s” start flying out! hahaha‚Ķthe we are gonna have some structure this year, we are gonna get to bed at a decent hour, we are gonna set a budget up, we are gonna eat together, we are gonna‚Ķ..we are gonna find a place and we are back where we started..

¬†Let’s help each other celebrate the newness we have through Jesus Christ. Knowing that each day is a gift, therefore, let’s help each other unwrap this day for what it brings and how we live life WIDE OPEN with those that are still stuck in the we are gonna’s of life‚Ķ.part of what we will discuss with the kids Wednesday is in Romans 5:1-4 and we see words like persevere, endurance and the words mean that we are to live with a deliberate purpose. And we will remind each other that the source of our deliberate purpose is powered by HIM (take a peek at verse 5). Let’s celebrate each night like it’s new years eve night‚ĶNOPE I can’t stay up that long, remember the one who has to have someone wake them up?

¬†Each day there are a bunch of folks that deep down desire to celebrate, they have forgotten how. ¬†I’m seeing that you are pretty good at teaching folks how to celebrate in the way you live out John 13:35.

Happy New Year!

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