how would you respond

hello gang this week

We will place ourselves in the context of being part of the crowd in Colossae when the letter Paul wrote to them was read. I mean really, picture yourself sitting on the ground or standing nearby listening to someone read words from this man named Paul who you have never met, how do you think you would receive hearing that you are complete through your union with Christ? Would you have any questions? i can picture children asking their siblings, their mama’s or daddies “hey what does that mean daddy…what does that man mean by us being complete in our union with Christ?”

Or that you were not that close to hear and like a bad cell phone signal, you heard about every third word…..but someone relayed to you that you did actually hear that He (Jesus) cancelled the record of charges against us, and took it away by nailing it the cross. How would you receive that news? How about us today? take a cruise through Colossians 2 this week, place yourself in the scene knowing what we know today, how would you react? would you believe? do you? lets find out together this Saturday!

love em up!


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