after ReCharge

Good morning gang,

¬†We are in some crazy cool times when you take a moment to reflect just a bit on where God is taking SO many of us. ¬†In particular the places ¬†where we serve HIM to make Jesus famous‚Ķhomes, work, community‚Ķ.which all start with self! So with school cranking back up for most let’s encourage each other in opening the homes during the week and after ReCharge. Thanks to everyone who is opening their homes. if you haven’t looked at the calendar lately take a peek at and take a cruise to the calendar and connect tabs and look at some of the places where you can dive in. Folks may not desire to join in the “organized” style of worship, gang that includes ours, but we are seeing folks will gather in the homes, at a coffee shop, on a golf course, at a movie, or join you to help feed some folks, or prepare food to feed the folks, or they will join us to visit a nursing home, the avenues are limitless outside of the organized time. Join the various folks you see on the people pour out. Everyone of the folks listed on this page have a need for people‚Ķ are some quick numbers… Braveheart is in need of 15 men to foster relationships with men who are desiring to live life differently when they exit the workhouse. SOZO is in need of male leaders for this semester to help train up boys that are also desiring to live a life differently. Salient Life has 19 boys signed up to start a journey with men to help teach them how to be me men. ¬†The Doors of Hope are in need of ladies to live life with girls and women that are desiring to live life differently as they exit the workhouses. the Way of Hope is also searching, praying for ladies to pray over and connect with women who are coming off the streets to begin their journey through newness. 5000 and Last call are in need of folks who will say yes to helping prepare food for some brothers and sisters who have both forgotten they too are empowered with the same hope you and I live out, yet for multiple reasons have stopped believing in that hope. G.I.R.L.S Ranch is living life with teenage girls who are learning that you can trust folks who love Jesus. And we haven’t even mentioned our friends at Journey Home and Greenhouse.

What is encouraging to me, is when in our serving to make HIM famous the name of the organizations start to disappear and we hear, meet, love with._____________________________________________________________ and we could fill this page and several more with the names of the people God is flowing through your lifes. You see you are giving yourself first (2 Corinthians 8:5)…let me close with this….

¬†the verse where we are told the harvest is plentiful, yet the workers are few. I don’t believe that‚Ķ..WHAT? hahaha. yes I believe the harvest is plentiful yet numbers (national surveys, barna statistics etc) state that we have plenty of workers‚Ķ.not necessarily the folks reading this email, ¬†you guys are diving in all over the place..its our brothers and sisters in the stands, the ones spectating, the ones that have forgotten they too are indwelled with the empowering resurrecting power of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit! YES YES YES. ¬†The ones that checked that YES im a follower of Jesus, yet have well stopped and this has zero to do with meeting at any place for an hour (including ours) it has EVERYTHING to do with making HIM famous in our homes, at work and in our community. Keep asking gang, keep asking folks to join you in your travels, in your asking you are making disciples, just live life WIDE OPEN‚Ķ.

 oh, if you would be willing to open your home after ReCharge will you let us know? Lets fill our neighborhoods with some good ol crazy Jesus loving, Christ following WHOOOOPIN it up and hopefully someone will bring some nanner puddin…hahahaha…love yall see ya Saturday

 love em up!

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