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Good morning sports fans Happy Monday to ya!

 Saturday we continued our journey through the letter Paul stroked out to our brothers and sisters in Colossae. We placed ourselves on the ground, picturing what it would have been like to hear these words for the first time. Or to hear the words affirming that our faith and assurance is based on Christ and Christ alone. We sing of this assurance each week! We even asked ourselves if our kids or friends who are still not real sure about this assurance, asked us how do we follow Christ? What does this man mean when he says to grow in Him? What did our brothers and sisters say? What do we say?

 One of the MANY ways you are saying this is through giving to and through the bucket. The bucket for us is what others may refer to as the offering plate. The visual we take is from Acts 2 through 4 where everyone gave and no one had need. We also take notice of 2 Corinthians 8 where like our brothers and sisters in Macedonia you are giving yourselves first, your giving according to what you have, according to how God is wooing to give of yourself and resources.

¬†Guys as you look at the updated numbers celebrate that every dollar you are led to give through the bucket‚Ķ.it’s flying right back out‚Ķso in your conversations with those pieces of yarn (people) that are looking to knit back together with the body (Colossians 2) and you hear “those places are just after my money” man those words echo loud as I was one to bark those out until I realized it aint mine to begin with hahaha! Let em know that you are familiar with some folks that are yes desirous for you to give yourself first and help our brothers and sisters through the many many many avenues your love is flying out and in the process maybe just maybe reconnect with Jesus Christ our superstar.

 here are the organizations that are feeling your giving, this does not include the individuals you have served throughout the year, those names are not revealed publicly for obvious reasons.


Doors of Hope

 5000 Ministry

GIRLS ranch                 

Last Call for Grace SOZO

The Journey Home

Way of Hope

Greenhouse Ministries

Salient Life

¬†Spread the word, encourage others to jump in with as what if just what if that almost $38,000 had an extra zero or two. Imagine the impact that could make in lives in helping live out the words in the BOOK! Let’s go grab some folks in the bleachers and have em jump in the fun with us.

 love em up!


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