you are pouring out

and WOW do you ever…you along with brothers and sisters through out murfreesboro, tn have called in turkeys and the turkeys are now turning into trees, and other places to pour out. The total continues to grow as of this morning you living out 2 corinthians 8 and 9 where we see a people just like you GIVING themselves first, then giving according to what they have and with a thankFULL heart there will be $4000.00 to buy the 200 birds that may connect others back to hope in Christ and each other….. Goes with the time of year uh HECK YEA!!! spread the thank yous and high fives to folks that gave through you when you asked others, you see that is part of your gift that God has blown into each of us on purpose.

 We are 37 days away and some are asking in regards to our fasting and praying “bivo what are you fasting from and why?” Well that’s a cool question…if you really knew me, you would know that what I need to fast from most is ME…yea you see the stuff i either stuff through my body or on my body is all about me…so in this time I’m gonna take a break from me by abstaining from sweets….keeping it totally real…I’m starting after Thanksgiving ahahaha..(mask free people) but even projecting out to that and saying no to my desires shoots crazy emotions…so those I will replace with God, by reading, praying, asking others to pray over me, me praying over those who ask me. my pray will be one that I have used before. JEsus you are sweeter than that sweet! And so let’s not look at this as something we have to do but that we GET to do and for me to satisfy this “hunger” through HIM and not the stuff.

 Let’s continue to show the world how to have a BLAST lovin em up by making HIM famous where?……oh I can you hear ya now….yes our homes, at work and in our community!



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