Are you kidding me?!! Did you know that on November 16, this coming Friday we will be 40 days away from celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ! We are familiar with this number 40. We are familiar with the fact that Moses and the gang wandered for 40 years, King David reigned for 40 years, Solomon ruled over Israel for 40 years and we see that Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil where we see that for 40 days and 40 nights he fasted (Matthew 4:1-2) but why?

I mean why did he resist food and as the NLT version describes became very hungry‚Ķno doubt‚Ķat¬†3:00 pm¬†each day I’m looking at everything in the pantry with the eyes of a tiger that is on the prowl to make a kill. Yet we see Jesus model that His physical hunger was satisfied as He feasted in the Father.

Monday night we had a beautiful time with those that showed up at the Thompson campsite praying over the funds God flows through your hearts and then we just kept dreaming, talking, praying and celebrating our unity with one another through the Lords Supper. I am asking that we as a people who desire to unite with others in our homes, at work and in our community in order to make HIM famous join in a period of prayer and fasting starting November 16, 2012 (WHAT thanksgiving is Thursday you numb skull) hahahah I know that turkey leg lips! be led

trust the Jesus that is flowing through you to set how you will fast. Oh wait a minute there are some that look a bit puzzled, ok yea that’s cool let’s define the why and what fasting is.

  • Fasting is about the condition of the heart, not the number of days
  • the most important consideration in fasting is your motive. To seek something personally from God’s hand or to seek His face in worship, praise and thanksgiving
  • Prayer and fasting is exchanging the needs of the physical body for those of the spiritual.
  • Fasting can transform your prayer life into a richer and more personal experience.

But why you are asking us bivo? Well thanks for asking…..In January it will be 2 years that we set sail on living life as close to 1st century church as we can possibly get. The mission is to love em up! and make HIM famous in our homes, at work and in our community….but How? and Where? That’s what and why we are going into a time of prayer and fasting.

Our heart is to plant, or help start, whatever word you choose, hundreds of more places that will have gatherings in Murfreesboro, TN in the name of Jesus. The purpose of the gatherings will be to ReCharge from the week of living life so intentional with Jesus. Living life in such a way where ¬†there is no separation, that He is in our everything. Let’s unite and ask others to join us in praying¬† in: What does this mean? What does this look like for us, what do our weekly times together look like? God are you asking me to open my home? ¬†How do we help our children create community with each other and where? Where is God wooing you to live him out and how? How do we reach and help 41% of the single mothers living with children and how do we reach the fathers? How or what is our part in helping families transition from workhouses to homes? How does God desire for us to help live life with the youth of Murfreesboro in such a way that will plant a seed where they can’t help but to make HIM famous when they hit the college campuses.

Or how does God want us to reach the one of the largest demographics in the boro, singles? There is much to pray and seek God’s face. Bring your children in and have them participate. Explain to them why and how¬†(Matthew¬†6: 16-18) Let’s fast from something that will create hunger‚Ķa hunger that when it pops up, we can only replenish with Jesus through prayer. For some that may be fasting from screens (facebook, pinterest, twitter, xbox, tweeting etc) For some it maybe some type of food (sweets hey who said that?) you know what that certain something is that when separated from will make you VERY hunger‚Ķwhat great company to be in as with our Savior where we just read HE became very hungry!

Are we? I believe you are stay steadfast in how you/we are living HIM out, trust what Jesus is wooing through you, speak it out and find that others will say “me too”

keep on doing what you do best gang

love em up!



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