2 in the bush

Now, I’m not exactly sure where some of our phrases come from. Like this one. “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Sounds like something Benjamin Franklin would have thought of. I think it would have been cool to hang out with ol Ben. When I see the title of this blog, my thoughts also veer off to a classic movie “Cool Hand Luke”‚Ķ.man what a great movie, if you have seen the movie you will recall, the rabbit (Paul Newman’s character) shaking the bush boss, still shaking the bush.

¬†So what’s your point bivo? Well those two things have absolutely nothing to do with what I’m going to share with you. Nothing really just random thoughts. ¬†

¬†Over the past few weeks, Debby and I have been cat sitting. Yea I think this is kinda like practice for us keeping our future grandbabies. Cat, (or Izzy) belongs to our oldest daughter, Kinsey. So when Kinsey takes off for a few days to Haiti, or to see some of her buddies in other regions of the country Izzy comes to hang out with GiGi and B (self imposed grandparent names). Izzy is a beautiful creature with black, brown, and white coloring. She is also very vocal, she is constantly talking to us through her various levels of meows that at times sounds like she is saying no when we pick her up and place her in a room that in her mind she doesn’t want to go. GiGi (Debby) places a stool by the window so Izzy can look out to a place she has never been, OUTSIDE.

¬†Each morning and throughout the day, we will see Izzy jump to her stool by the window. And at that moment she is on the hunt. Yea, she crouches down in the low to the ground crouch like you see on National Geographic where the lioness is just about to jump on the back of one of those big ol wild de beasts. That crouch that has a bit of wiggle to it, the tail passing back and forth in perfect timing to the anticipated LEAP of faith to snatch the prey. What is really cool is to hear Izzy churtle at the birds, the ones sitting in the bush just inches from her face. It’s like Izzy is trying to mimick what she hears in order to lure them closer in, her head on a constant swivel ¬†searching, following what she wishes would dive bomb into her mouth. Yet day in and day out no reward for Izzy, the birds fly safely about almost taunting Izzy as they feed just inches away from her churtle. Wonder if Izzy ever wonders or hopes that one day maybe the window will be left cracked and she can sneak out. Or maybe one morning someone will leave the door ajar long enough for her to make a dash to a place she has never been before to chase something she has only seen through glass? I’m not sure, but this is I do know.

¬†Izzy is doing just what God made her to do. Yea cats love birds, cats hunt and so Izzy each day is only doing what she knows to do. She doesn’t have to explain it, but if I could churtle or meow in a fashion where she could answer my question “uh Izzy why do you perch yourself on the window each morning gazing at these birds?” she would probably look at me a bit more peculiar than she does already and state “uh bivo” as she licks her front paw and wipes her face, “I’m a cat.” She would then bounce off to her next adventure thinking in her mind‚Ķ”what in the world, doesn’t he know God makes us on purpose to be who He made us?”

¬†Boy oh boy‚Ķthe crazy feline is right‚Ķwhat if? What if we believed that God made us on purpose to love Him and love others. Ah sure the way each one of us would carry this out would look a bit different, but the end result the same. So what if each person loved others as themselves. That we loved those within our churtle ¬†through the uniqueness, through the gifting that God blew into each of us. The gifting and the uniqueness that HE formed into each one of us while in our mama’s belly. Man o man what if? And then when someone asked “uh why are you doing _________________” (you fill in the blank) our reply would be (without licking our paw and wiping our face)

¬†” I’m a christian! I’m an ambassador of Jesus Christ‚ĶI am a co-heir with Christ!

 love em up!




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