out of the box….please pray over this gang!

Get those boxes‚Ķ.what boxes? those mental boxes we have a tendency of building in regards to how and when we do certain activities‚Ķ..ah you know the “well we have been doing it this way for a couple of years” box‚Ķ..or “the we must meet on a particular day” box‚Ķor the “I’m not qualified” box‚Ķ.now you are starting to get the picture aren’t you. Go ahead flatten them babies out and place them in the recycle bin.

¬†We set the stage Saturday‚Ķ.by the way what a BLAST Saturday as we celebrated together what Christ is doing through everyone. So this week the stage is set‚ĶWhat’s next? don’t we have that mentality? I mean when you come popping off a ride at an amusement park, you look at each other and scream out “let’s do that again” or “what’s next” and you recall the excitement of the past ride as you board your next adventure. The car for 2013 is in the dock and we are getting in‚Ķ.yet we aren’t able to shove off until YOU guys set the destination and how we will get there‚Ķ.

 yea most of our lives, vision statements, mission statements and how to live those out are handed down to us….NOT here baby…each of you are equipped with the same Holy Spirit that guided our brothers and sisters in first century. How will we make Jesus famous in our homes, at work and in our community this year? Here are some areas (not meant to be exhaustive) that we can raise up for discussion and PRAYER

 folks opening their home once a month?

match up folks that desire to lead discussion but not quite there on opening home?

who desires and how do we continue to “train up” our children (toddlers to high schoolers) and where?

how do we connect with the folks in the boro’ who checked the christian box, yet have unplugged from anything to do with Jesus?

how can we serve and reach the largest growing demographic in the boro, singles?

who will put together mission trips, locally, statewide, across the country, across the world?

how do we connect and serve the orphans, widows, prisoners, and homeless in our community?

 What are yours?…this will get us going and may take a couple of weeks to put together and it will be a fluid way of moving through the year. Gang trust how God put you together and the passion He has blown into you on purpose in living out HIS purpose. And that purpose is to simply love WIDE OPEN.

 See ya Saturday 5:30

 love em up!


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