who told her?

ever wonder why people share certain pieces of information? you know sometimes the information that we share minutes after someone stated “now keep this between me and you”

Or that information that no matter what, there is just no way to contain yourself and immediately after drinking in the news you drop everything mentally and physically to go shout it out! the excitement is overwhelming!

 ever wonder? yea me too

¬†There is this lady we find in John 4 and she is is talking with Jesus. You see Jesus and the gang was heading to Galilee from Judea. They had been in Judea baptizing folks, you know lives being changed from their encounter with Jesus and to let the world know of their inward change. Galilee was there destination which was oh just 70 miles away…..WHAT? on foot? Yeppers. So the boys take off. The straight shot would take them through Samaria, no big deal unless you are Jewish. You see the Samaritans and the Jewish people didn’t like each other. WAIT that’s not right…they despised each other and isn’t that interesting? That people that are tied up in their “religion” are typically the ones with the least amount of grace (ever wonder? that’s for another day).

¬†Grace in the form of Jesus Christ enters the Samaritan village of Sychar and He stops at a place to retrieve a drink (or did HE?) the disciples scampered on into the city to retrieve some food. So now Jesus is with this woman, this Samaritan woman at the well and He asks for a drink (John 4:7) and the woman is shocked. The conversation starts to go back and forth with her stating the fact that Jesus was Jewish and since he was a man and Jewish what in the world was He doing asking her for a drink, and better yet you (Jesus) don’t even have a rope to draw from and what do you mean living water?¬† and where can i get this living water you speak of…..Can I have some?

¬†Then Jesus exposes her to herself and starts to blow hope back into her soul. Go get your husband (John 4:16)he asks. I can feel her face flushing to probably the deepest red ever, embarrasment, shame, guilt, no escape from this¬†overcomes her being, yet she hangs in there. Sir I have no husband is her response, and almost like a game show commentator…YOU ARE RIGHT! go to the next round….you have had 5 and the man you are with now is not your husband…HEY hold on how is exposing the fact that she is in the state she is in blowing hope into her?¬† (ever wonder?) hang on let’s see. The woman many believe wants to change the subject, her once condecending remarks have now turned to you must be a prophet, yet why do you Jews (still us vs them) insist on that you worship in Jerusalem (John 4:19-20).

¬†Jesus then does what Jesus IS. UNITES and He he begins to tell her that the time is coming where it will not matter where you worship the Father. The center piece of worship will be in worship that is in Spirit and Truth and will and can be done anywhere anytime (John 4:23-24)…the lady now I believe is not blushing on the outside anymore but bursting on the inside now as she trembles out uh uh uh I know the Messiah is coming…you know the one called Christ…and and and when He comes, yea when He comes He will explain everything to us. (bivo paraphrase). I mean really put yourself there, you are having this conversation with a man and within minutes you’re spirit is telling you “hey this is the Messiah, this is the one who will save, this is GRACE in the flesh” and so you want to know, but do you really? He is still standing here knowing my past, knowing my regrets and He is so, He is so real and compassionate, yet strong and I’m starting to draw from HIS strength…OMG this is the MESSIAH….

the sound of the wooden bucket hits the ground as she scampers off to tell a people just moments ago she was avoiding, you see the time of day she was at the well was not when others would congregate to draw the water. She ran back to tell people that she had encountered GRACE and Mercy in the flesh, THE MESSIAH,¬†yet I’m wondering “who told her what to expect?” How did she know this was her/our¬†the worlds¬†Savior? ¬†Maybe it was her mama, or daddy, I don’t know…maybe she overheard people talking or in some cases arguing about who Jesus is, and how He would arrive on the scene. How did we? What? Yea who told us about Jesus….think people ever wonder if we really know HIM when they see how we love each other?

¬†not anymore, not since I met you guys! You are living out John 13:35 Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” WOW yes and in doing so you receive the nourishment of doing God’s will (John 4:34)….People are hearing of your faith in Christ in how you are beLIeVING Him out and making HIM famous!

 thanks for helping me to stop wondering

 love em up!




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