for men only (no peeking ladies)

Good morning men,

¬†here is the scene‚Ķwe are in the locker room. Spring practice is over, the scrimmage games are done, the controlled practices have come to a halt, the two a days are in the rear view mirror. The red white and blue bunting is hanging from the bleachers, the public address announcer is introducing the team, the people in the stands are going bonkers‚Ķit’s GAME TIME‚Ķ.the 11 who practiced, scrimmaged, clobbered each other stand on the sidelines gathering last minute instructions from the coach, the ref blows the whistle, the T.V. cameras are on, the boys in the booth are set, and wait‚Ķ‚Ķwait‚Ķ..everyone is shocked, the announcers are dumbfounded‚Ķa silence comes over the crowd, the place is paralyzed as the home team has 3 players on the field‚Ķ.3? why only 3?…..the 3 on the field are looking back urging the others to come on, they are reminding them they are equipped, they know the playbook, they have rehearsed, they have discussed, they have the knowledge‚Ķwhat is keeping them on the sidelines. The coaches are beside themselves, clipboards are smashed, headsets tossed into the water buckets. Chaos ensues‚Ķ..

¬†Men, the 3 on the field represent statistically what we see today with men living Christ out in a fashion that changes our culture‚Ķ.it’s roughly 25-27% of the men that have said yes to Christ are on the playing field‚Ķbut you wait a minute bivo!#$!!!@@… little baldheaded why I’m huddling up with men at coffee shops, I’m part of an accountability group at my place of worship, I’m on 4 kazillion committees at my place of worship, im a deacon, I’m an elder, I’m handing out bulletins, I’m greeting, now don’t you tell me I’m not in the game‚Ķ.hahaha‚Ķhang on men‚Ķsame jersey here

¬†listen for just a moment, the one’s reading this email are typically the 3 on the field and for that the cloud of witnesses (hebrews 12) is high fiving your faith in motion‚Ķand I personally will chest bump each of you next time I see ya! But what about the 8? they have been in the same meetings, the same practices, the same huddles‚Ķyet when game time in our homes, at work and in our community hits‚Ķthey unbuckle the headgear and go sit down‚Ķthey have heard for months, and years that they are secure in CHRIST‚Ķ‚Ķ..or have they? are they hearing that through His divine power that HE has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.(2 Peter 1:3) do our teammates believe that we/For I can do everything through Christ, [fn] who gives me strength.(Philippians 4:13)?

¬†most of you reading this email, have teams of 5-11 people that you live a lot of life with and hang out with are they on the field with you?‚Ķwould you be willing to exchange one of your hours gathering around a conference table, or coffee table and ¬†go hang out with some men that need a team? I mean how cool would it be to stop and ask a man that is holding a sign on the corner asking for help to start joining us each week at our weekly “accountability” or bible study? Sure some will say no‚Ķ.some just may say yes and share their journey with us‚Ķ.hahaha that would be so stinking cool‚Ķ.we just might find out that we have more in common than we “think” we do‚Ķ‚Ķor what if we had our meeting at the places where men could at least walk to, since they don’t have transportation and need work‚Ķ.and what if we didn’t try to fix their situation but helped empower them with the same resurrection power of Jesus that resides in each of us,‚Ķ.and what if we stayed with them as long as they would stay with us until‚Ķ.they crossed the bridge to another season of life where they then could help another cross that bridge‚Ķman o man what if?

¬†Last thought men for this email, please share yours as this is a safe locker room. There are many places within our community to help. Below is just one‚Ķ.if you’re not sure where to start‚Ķlet me know and we will hook you up with others that are on the field love other teammates‚Ķ

 Temps are projected to be 30 degrees and below starting Wednesday night. Scott Foster, Director or Journey Home is working with the folks at the Salvation Army to help men come off the streets each evening the temps fall below 31 degrees…. we need two men each evening to hang out for an hour or two and create relationships as God leads….the gym at Salvation opens at 7:00 pm the doors stay open until 9:30 pm. They then shut it down.


Wednesday        January 30           ___________________________________________

Thursday             January 31           ___________________________________________

Friday                    February 1          ___________________________________________

Saturday              February 2          ___________________________________________

¬†last week we had young men come and take advantage of the space in the gym‚Ķ.so for me the label of “that dude holding the sign” changed a bit when I met Chris, Zach, and Bryan‚Ķ.Chris wants to go back and retrieve his GED‚Ķ.he is 23‚Ķ.he now knows to go to Greenhouse where other men will help him take the steps to better his situation.‚Ķ.men they are walking into a place that says SALVATION‚Ķ.we need messengers that are experiencing salvation to deliver it.

 love em up!

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