make HIM famous in our homes

well that was quite the ending uh? hahaha. Wowzies….ok so here is the rest of story.¬†

¬†Tonight was the start of us learning together over the course of the next 3-4 weeks how we can make Jesus famous in our homes, at work and in our community. So tonight we focused in on making Jesus famous in our homes, and what can we learn from the folks in the Bible. We learned that family is just crazy…i mean right out of the gate Adam and Eve were given heaven on earth… at the time no sin was in the world, until they munched down on the fruit from the one tree God said don’t.¬†

¬†God who is a God of grace clothes them and let’s em know in Genesis 3:15¬†will cause hostility between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring.

¬†boy was that ever the truth….Adam and Eve have 2 boys, Cain and Abel. Abel is a shepherd and heart for tending sheep while Cain is one that cultivates the ground. Well the boys brought offerings to God, and what we wondered together is why? I mean really. God giving the commandments to Moses is years and years and years from happening. We are not too many years from the creation of everything….What did their mama and daddy tell em about God? Would have been neat to hear some of the questions Cain and Abel asked their parents. “So mom God creates you from one of dads ribs? and daddy your telling me that God made your from dust? what did the apple taste like? Was it worth it?” makes you wonder uh….well Cain and Abel brought the offerings. Abels offering of the best lamb was accepted and Cain’s offering was not (i believe that God knew the condition of their heart in the offering). Cain wasn’t diggin the fact that his offering wasn’t accepted and one day kills Abel. Yea how would you like to have been at the dinner table that night? Uh cain son…where is your brother?¬†

¬†We fast forward to the time of Moses in Exodus where we see a people who after generations upon generations were slaves. God taps Moses on the shoulder and instructs Moses in what to say to Pharoah in order to let His (God’s people) go. Pharaoh would say ok i’ll let your people go and at the last minute change his mind and keep them in bondage. God would send some of the craziest things in the world down on Pharaoh and his people. Stuff like plagues of frogs, locusts, turning their water supply into blood…but the one that finally sent Pharoah to the point of letting God’s chosen people go is when the first born sons of each family in Eqypt will die and the God’s chosen (Israelites) will be kept safe.(Exodus 11).¬†

¬†Gang it happened….check it (read Exodus 12:1-7…read this with your whole family present)…

¬†ok so the blood is smeared on where?……..YES door posts of our what?…..YES homes. make HIM famous in our homes. You think the kiddos had questions? check this out

¬†Exodus 12:26….then your children will ask “what does this ceremony mean? v27 and you will reply It is the passover sacrifice to the Lord, for he passed over the houses of the Israelites in Eqypt. And though he struck down the Egyptians, he spared our families

Wow so now that we know that the lamb of God, Jesus has made the once for all time sacrifice. The perfect lamb for me and you….what is on our door posts? (here is where you follow through with what we had in store tonight)

Get you some bread and juice (Lords supper) bring your family to participate and share in the unity we have in Christ in your home. (if this is your first time, press through the “this is awkward looks that may pop up…you are living out the words in the Book) After you have celebrated then ask each other “how can we ¬†help each other make Jesus famous in our home?” parents allow your kids to flow with this as they are led and able (no answering for them)… do you desire for your home to be looked upon in your neighborhood…ask each other what and how would you like for your family to serve together? Then pray over each other. My prayer is that this will the first of many times to participate in your home together…start asking others in to join, but do carve out time for just your family and the prayer afterwards.¬†

love yall and look forward to our continued journey!

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