Holy Week Tuesday “authority”

We think we have some tough Monday’s, what about that one Jesus just traveled through yesterday (Monday)? Today (Tuesday) will be no exception as the religious leaders of the day are scrambling for their very lives to “figure” out how they can rid themselves of the Messiah.

 Jesus and the disciples traveled the approximately 2 miles back from Bethany to Jerusalem the next morning. Jesus and the boys arrive at the Temple and begin to share the Good News and it doesn’t take long for the leading priests; the teachers of religious law and the elders to come up and start grilling Jesus. Take a look at that scene for just a second, look at the layers of people and titles that these guys cloak themselves with and you can sense through their teeth clinched questions that in their questions they KNOW, yet their fear of losing their “image” with others was at stake. Look at their question: “By what authority are you doing all these things? Who gave you the right?” (Luke 20:1-2)

 hahaha…I can’t help it but I love me some Jesus responses don’t you? He answers with a question of His own, one that will cause them to huddle up like the refs at a NFL game. “did he go outbounds?, did his toe touch the line? I don’t know what did you see, uh what did you see, did you see what I saw…are you going to say what I say. hahahaha. take a look

 Jesus draws attention to the front runner, the herald of John the Baptist and ask them “Did John’s authority to baptize come from heaven, or was it merely human?” (Luke 20:-3)…. after the layers of leaders huddle up, they come out of the huddle, shrug their shoulders and claim that they didn’t know. Jesus then continues to teach and what I love about the scenes where the layers of leaders are on the scene, they couldn’t help but listen to the Good News pouring out of His mouth. I mean go ahead take a peek, Jesus continues to teach that day and they are with Him, sure in some way to keep an eye on Him, but I wonder how many came to faith after the resurrection? (something to ponder later).

 So by who and what authority have you been given to share the Good News of Christ? What the leaders were asking and even today some ask is a valid question. Who is giving you permission, who is influencing your actions?

 The answer is faith in Jesus

 Yea take a look at just one example Matthew 16 you will see a conversation Jesus is having with the disciples and Jesus asks them who do the people say I am? The responses were varied. Jesus then asks but who do you say I am? Simon Peter responds You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God (Matthew 16:16) and Jesus then tells Peter you are correct, your name means rock, therefore I will build MY church and all the powers cannot conquer it, and I will give you the keys to heaven (Matthew 16:18-19) THAT IS SOME CRAZY COOL authority given.

 Have you received HIS authority?

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