Holy Week Wednesday “get ya some rest”

WOW what a 48 hours! Scripture doesn’t have much to offer us in details of what actually transpired on Wednesday. Almost an eerie silence on the outside but we know that in the background families would be preparing for the Passover meal. Think for a moment the preparation that we undertake for our annual Thanksgiving meal….yea daunting! So magnify the details involved with a meal that for years has been part of your relationship with God. Details followed in preparing the meal are meticulous.

 The silence on one side doesn’t negate that there are scores of conversations going on in the background. Deals are being cut, plans are being laid out. Those “plans” will start to surface on Thursday…..

 Yet the meal coming in a few hours would usher in the last annual sacrifice needed with an earthly lamb, as the LAMB (Jesus) is preparing to redeem and reconcile the world, as He will live out the words John the Baptist bemoaned from the waters that day. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29)

 get ya some rest…

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