burn baby burn

Paraphrase and thoughts on segments of Luke 24

So its the same day…..yea the day Jesus comes BLASTING out of the tomb. The running back and forth is epic! Not only running physically back and forth to the tomb, but mentally as they recall the teachings of now THE Savior and the flood of emotions that are pouring their souls would I believe cause some of the running from sheer joy, excitement. I mean think how crazy we get when our favorite team wins in the bottom of the ninth, or kicks the winning field goal with the final seconds clicking off the clock. We go bonkers with enthusiasm! And this is the tomb emptying out putting the exclamation point on the words Jesus spoke on the cross IT IS Finished.

As the day draws on a couple of the boys that hung out with Jesus and the others were on their way to Emmaus from Jerusalem. Their conversation has them recalling the events of the day. You know the recall we have as we are exiting the stadiums. “can you believe that kick,” or “man I’m glad we stayed until the final out or we would have missed that walk off homerun”. Jesus joins the conversation, but the two conversing dont know its Jesus and Jesus asks uh what are guys talking about? What is cool about this encounter is that the boys didnt give Jesus the shrug of the shoulder to get away when he first joined in. so unlike us. If we are jaunting around the mall doing our laps with the fanny paks on and someone that we dont know tries to join in our conversation by asking in the manner Jesus did….the OMG what in the world world looks of away from me you slime come flaming from our bodies. Not these boys, yet when Jesus asks about the days events, they did respond with the ” really” haha your not serious really, you dont know”

The rest of their walk to Emmaus is filled with their recall of the days events and the line that stopped Jesus in His tracks is their statement of we had hoped (Luke 24:21) He was the Messiah. They had the recall down to the empty tomb yet they waivered. Maybe they were fearful of this man walking with them and didn’t want to admit they believed or Maybe they still weren’t sure…i dont know their motive for that statement, yet Jesus wastes no time to correct and then proceeds to put another exclamation on the day by reminding our walkers to Emmaus the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled all the way back to the time of Moses. Their journey was coming to an end, Jesus who still has not revealed himself to his road mates appears to be going on, but the boys desire Him to stay the evening with them and convince Him to do so.

Its dinner time and the bread is being broken (body), their eyes are opened and they realize their traveling friend is Jesus, the Messiah and at that moment Jesus disappeared. I love the next statement Luk 24:32They said to each other, “Didn’t our hearts burn within us as he talked with us on the road and explained the Scriptures to us?”

it wasn’t “dang where did he go” or “was that for real?” Our hearts were burning. Jesus was penetrating their soul with HiM and it didnt take em long to go back to where they started their journey. They burned a trail back to the gang to live out Jesus Christ WIDE OPEN…because they beLIeVE


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