Good afternoon gang,

What a fun time of worship Saturday night! I love baptism nights….it is amazing to watch family members go in the water with their loved ones to celebrate the death of the old life and the birth of the new life through Jesus Christ. We mentioned Saturday that the baptism is the overflow, public showing of the YES that has been stirring within. As we saw in 2 Corinthians 5 this new life is for everyone who beLIeVES! And that our righteousness (our acceptance to God) is based on Christ and we receive His righteousness when we accept the gift of grace. WOW WOW, no wonder the waters keep getting stirred up.

This week our discussion will center on confidence. That’s an area of our lives that rises and falls quicker than the stock market. I mean i can be strolling along the day and WHAM, something or someone will shake the foundation of the day…’s like standing in an ocean looking back at the beach talking with your buddies, you see their eyes get larger and larger and before they can say watch out, your looking for your trunks as your feet come out from under you from the mini tsunami.

God speaks to us about confidence throughout His book. List and chat through with your family the areas in your lives you are confident. Ask each other to share “what areas of my life appear confident to you?” Which areas do not, where or what do i shy away from?

Parents, ask your kiddos, bring them in the conversation. We will be back in 2 Corinthians 5 this week. When you read the verses ask yourselves; “how did paul gain so much confidence? ahhhh…yea you know the answer to that one don’t ya….hahaha….lets share those answers together on Saturday…gang have fun this week making HIM famous in your homes, at work and in the community.

love em up!



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