runnin’ your race

We asked ourselves this question last night. How and on what was Paul basing that people in Galatia were running their race well?  Running without effort, beautifully, with grace?

It’s in reference to his words in Galatians 5:7-9.  Your responses were really cool and I believe in line with what Paul was seeing.  Paul was seeing a people who were secure in their freedom through Christ.  He was seeing a people who stopped “doing” for their righteousness (acceptance to God).  Instead, he saw a people expressing their faith through love.

We discussed that last night as we saw hands throughout the room raise when asked, “Are you running your race?”  Confidently, hands flew up YES, YES, YES, YES!  And, the cheers echo SONS OF GOD…. SONS OF GOD…. What if my hand didn’t go up Bivo?

My friend, I ask as Paul did, “Who has cut in on ya?”  “Who or what have you allowed to hinder your uniqueness in expressing your faith in love?”  As we learned last night in Galatians 5:8, it certainly isn’t God, as He is the one who called you to freedom.

GO, GO, my friend run your race.  Express your faith in love.  You are uniquely equipped to do so with others who have similar passions in showing the world that we are accepted and will beLIeVE out our passions to make HIM famous.

love em up!

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