why we do what we do…

Happy Monday/Tuesday/ happy whatever day this finds your eyeballs! Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so I thought it would be cool to remind folks why we (folks that frequent through the Refuge) do what we do in regards to giving. DON’T HIT DELETE if this is your first time to read something from us and your thinking, “no way man, that’s why I unplugged! All you guys do is hunt dollars hahaha.”  Yes we do hunt, folks, with a desire to give…. but hang on for a second and you just may be surprised.

The anchors, the foundations in how we are led to teach others in regards to giving are many. I will share a few with you. Acts 2-4: We see a people that are united in heart and mind, selling their possessions placing them in a big ol’ pile and folks making sure no one had any need. (Please go read this, still blows my socks off, as I know how far personally I am from this…no for sale sign in my yard wowzers). 2 Corinthians 8-9 is the next stop on finding yet another pair socks and put on sandals. Go ahead and read where Paul sees a people who had nada, zilcho, compared to the folks in Corinth he was writing to, yet the folks in Macedonia gave themselves FIRST (2 Corinthians 8:5 NLT They even did more than we had hoped, for their first action was to give themselves to the Lord and to us, just as God wanted them to). That is the key, gang!

They handed over their heart to Christ, so they couldn’t help but overflow in what they had in hopes it would bless those that may not have. Their follow-through is so cool, you see they were living in the freedom of following the instruction that Paul was laying out there for ’em. Do you have socks on? You won’t here in a little bit. Paul is telling ’em, ‘look I’m not commanding (demanding) that you have to give, but as a way to show the sincerity, the realness, the authenticity of our faith.’

Hahaha this really gets good, he says to give in proportion to what you have, whatever you give is acceptable. Don’t make it easy on others and hard on yourself (go look for yourselves; it’s in the Book). And at the time the folks in Corinth were living in the land of plenty, so he reminds ‘em that right now you’ve got “stuff” share it, because one day you won’t have any “stuff” and will be praying that others will be in the heart set of helping one another. You’re looking for more socks aren’t ya??

So that’s what and how we teach folks that cross our path. I want you to trust what God is wooing through you by the holy spirit in how and where to give. Have you given yourself first? Yes? Ok then you are equipped with the Advocate, the Helper, the Mighty Counselor. So we share with folks that your giving doesn’t have to come through the ‘bucket” at the Refuge. If God is telling you to give to someone individually, man o man please follow that. If God desires for you to give of your time (which is giving OURSELVES first yet again) and it’s with some other folks that are in the community being the hands and feet of Christ GO GO GO.

One last piece for this post: We also teach that we desire for every cent possible that does find its way in the bucket have a chance to be prayed over and sent right back out. There are no committees within the Refuge, the giving is determined by HIM that flows through the folks that show up each month at someone’s home to live out Acts 2-4. So to date if you were to toss a dollar in the bucket .97 goes right back out to help meet tangible needs with folks who have found themselves in a bit of a tight spot. Lives are changing, starting with our own!

Looks like you need another pair of socks, hahaha….me too!

love em up!

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