words on the page….

….came alive Saturday night as you huddled up, prayed up and handed $2000.00 to help make HIM famous!

gang you are beLIeVING out the words in the book where we see that we are to be cheerful (greek word hilaros) givers. hahah i know i know looks like hilarious and yet that is what i see in you. You are realizing that following through with what God is wooing through you in your uniqueness that this giving is more blessed than receiving! This week we keep that energy flying as we will meet at Patterson Park Saturday night to create a connection with 200 families that said yes to wanting turkey with their thanksgiving meal.

Odds are that some of the families will be part of the number of folks that have checked out of “church inc” yet have faith in Christ. the theme this saturday will be in step with the upcoming holiday of feasting as we ask ask ourselves what Jesus did you swallow

man i love you guys …and proud of how you are asking others to join in the hilaros (cheerful) giving of ourselves first!

love em up!

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