Victory Branches (palm Sunday)

we embark on a new week gang! this particular day is palm sunday…. say what? yeppers

go get your eye balls on the following and read em with each other in your homes.. if there has ever been a time to press through ourselves and read, teach, soak in the word together in our homes, its now!
its HUGE gang!

Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-44; John 12:12-19.

its the week of Passover and this year that Jesus sent the boys ahead to prepare the room and bring the donkey back to HIM in order to usher in the fulfillment of the old and ring in the new by HIs tomb emptying love!
ive not ever been to a ticker tape parade to feel the energy of a crowd experiencing victory. i have seen a few on tv as some of my favorite teams have a won a world championship. The crowds that canvas the streets, hang from multi story buildings are in a frenzy as the hurl confetti, shouting accolades to their team, to their man…The crowd that was surrounding Jesus and laying down victory (palm) branches on the ground were just as hopeful were just as jubilant, well maybe most…. you see the majority of people that were on the scene that day Jesus placed himself on a donkey and trod in was a cross section of people
 that stretched through all socioeconomic backgrounds yet their central focus had been and was that day that a NEW way to “be right” with God was clopping in on a donkey. Maybe some that day that were laying branches down had not seen Jesus so their expectation of a Messiah a Savior may have been one that would have a person coming in via the finest horses with chariots donned in gold. So as they lay the branch down and glance up to see a carpenter and a rag tag group of fishermen, tax collectors, and women trod across the branches, the crunch of the branches is not one of victory.
Yet others, even a few of the people you came to cleanse your sins with through the Passover rituals are still in a frenzy of YES YES YES YES! HOSANNAH HOSANNAH its like us saying HIP HIP HOORAY our team has won! and we throw confetti all over the place.  You walk away confused and wondering are they coming to the temple? Will this carpenter and his friends be there? How does He intend to “overthrow” the leaders of the day… you want to ask questions yet fear of appearing to not be all in with the others who are still laying palm (victory) paralyzes you.
The day is winding down and your buddies arrive back to where you will bed down for the week. Some have brought pieces of the victory branches to remind them of the New start to reborn heart!
Gang lets celebrate what we already know and beLIeVE! wave our branches of Victory that we share together in our faith in The resurrected, very much ALIVE Jesus Christ!
its going to be great week!
love em up!

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