clean house (Temple) day 2

Man o man we think we have some mondays but get a grip on this one.

Jesus has just made the entry into Jerusalem (reading from yesterday). Its an entry fitting for victors as palm (victory) branches were laid in front of Him by an exuberant crowd hoping upon  all hopes that Jesus was truly ushering in a New way to be confident in how God digs us.

many times over the years while reading the following verses:…go ahead grab that Book…

Matthew 21:12

Mark 11:15

John 2:15

my focus among others has been on the actual act of Jesus coming in and turning the tables over, grabbing stuff and slinging it all over the place. I mean he was literally running people from the temple. People who   had set up shop for the 1000’s upon 1000’s coming to the Temple to trade. Or to pay for the various animals needed in order to perform the ritual of cleansing for the sins according to Gods old covenant law.

Take a peek at those two words again: Temple and cleanse. I dont think its any mistake or coincidence that one of the first items Jesus draws attention to cleansing from the temple is how we view money and our motive in handling money. The way He came in to cleanse would have gone viral in moments in todays social media and it was no less as fast on this day.

The city is starting to swell in numbers as families are flocking to the temple for the commemoration of passover. Upon arrival to purchase the animal for their sacrifice.  They learn that a carpenter from Nazareth as closed up the market….He really is saying there will be no need for bulls, goats and or birds to sacrifice in order to satisfy or to “be right” with my Father. I AM that LAMB…. would people panic? would the people who actually raised lambs and brought them with them to sacrifice in order to be clean, would they now  try to “scalp” their “ticket for cleansing” to the highest bidder? or would it be an “oh well” attitude and folks go on about their business for the remaining days.

probably a bit of all of the above.  as we close…. isnt it neat how Gods favorite dwelling place throughout time has been a tabernacle a temple and that temple had to cleansed before He would inhabit that space….so for me Jesus is giving a glimpse of His cleansing….sure he kicked out the money changers but it goes way deeper… Jesus is cleansing  His house and setting the stage to show the world where His new home will be;

1 corinthians 3:16 Dont you realize that you together are the temple (home) of God and that the Spirit of God lives in you

1 Corinthians 6:19 dont you realize that your body is the Temple (home) of the Holy Spirit who lives in you and was given to you by God, you do not belong to yourself.

love em up!

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