hey do you remember? (take 2)


Wonder how many times we say this with each other in our conversations? You know the setting, you are in a group of people that you have lived a ton of life with and the conversation starts to break out in the various “hey do you remember when” or “do you remember so and so?”

Typically a ton of laughter, thoughts, even tears come through these memories, the recalling of how your heart jumped, leaped, or sank. We will see a version of this statement Saturday when we huddle up together at Refuge. We are going to continue through the letter of Hebrews. In particular our trailhead (starting point) for this week will be Chapter 3:12. “Hey do you remember a couple of weeks we ago when we opened the letter?” Hahaah, see there…gotcha….the letter is written to Jewish Christians. They are people who know the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  They are a group of people that followed the laws of the “have to’s” in order to be accepted by God and now they are learning a NEW WAY to beLIeVE.

The letter focuses on when they said yes to Jesus and how the heart of “have to’s” starts to transform into “want to” “I get to” ….because we are accepted by what CHRIST HAS DONE. The writer is asking them to recall the time they first believed. The writers are saying, look at our ancestors (“Hey, do you remember…”) when they wandered for years due to their unbelief. And the writers are drawing them back to the fact that the same God who parted the Red Sea is the same God who delivered himself to save us from ourselves!

So let’s do that this week, let’s recall when we first believed and share this inside your homes, ask those you work with, share your journey with others at work….PARENTS this is a BIGGIE with our kiddos….press in to ask them to recall to you why they say yes to Jesus…You see how that is in the present tense?  I believe the body of Christ takes the hands off the wheel when someone says yes….the journey just begins, because it is now in this NEW way we start to learn how to listen and trust the voice of Christ that roars through us via the HOLY Spirit…ask yourself and kids!

How is my “yes” to Christ helping me today? If they struggle with the answer, or if you are struggling with the answer, let’s help one another…help set the captives free, restore what was lost!

 love em up!


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