I’ll never….” Fences

“I’ll Never…” Fences

Remember the days of playing outside, maybe in the backyard and you along with the neighborhood gang would be out there playing wiffle ball, kickball, dodge ball and the ball you were bouncing off each other faces, laughing till you peed on yourself that is until the ball careened over the neighbor’s fence. It was always the one neighbor in the hood that didn’t want you jumping over the fence, so you had a decision. The laughter would stop, glares into each other eyeballs would determine quickly who would be willing to jump over the mental “I’ll never jump over that fence” it’s just not worth it. Or maybe it was a dog that could be lurking that would add to the excitement, the adrenaline of “should I jump?” but I said I never would…

We somewhat have those type fences in our day to day. Not necessarily physical fences. Some that maybe we said in our mind growing up when our parents would glare over the back seat with teeth clinched “don’t make pull this car over”…and mentally you say I’m never going to say that when I’m a parent only to hear those words vomit from your mouth when your little beauties are in a full on WCW title match.

What are some of the situations/phrases that you have said to yourself “I’ll never do _______”?

Peter was one that had a tendency to say some “I’ll never…”s only to see himself on the other side of the very fence he said he would never jump. Pick up your book and cruise through Matthew 16 and Matthew 26 or the book of John 13-16. The scene in Matthew 26 is where Jesus is telling the boys (disciples) what is going to happen over the next few days. He (Jesus) is reminding them once again that he will be betrayed, that the elders, the religious leaders, the teachers of the law were going to go bizerko on HIM. Jesus even went to great length of telling them that they would ALL deny him and desert HIM…Peter chimes in once again and with chest out, chin up with his self made super hero cape on, states “I will never deny you Lord, I will never leave you (fences are up).

What are your “I’ll never…” fences?

Back to Peter who in the garden did at lope the ear off one of the fellas coming to take Jesus away to start the new way, only to see Jesus place the ear back on the ol’ boy and then set his shoulders to the cross. Jesus is upstairs being bludgeoned, one by one the gang that had been hanging out with Jesus is running well jumping really, they are jumping over the “ill never leave ya or deny ya fence” all except peter. He is last man standing, standing until a young girl points him out. A teenage girl that in her travels recognizes him as being “one of them”…Peter jumps once NO…. a second time she says yep, I’m sure of it…. NO is bemoaned out second I’ll never fence cleared and third one is complete in a matter of seconds. 3 times he jumps a fence that he really believed that he wouldn’t. Man I can totally relate.

Years ago, I can still hear myself say “Deb, I promise I’ll never drive with the kids in the car when I’ve been drinking again…I promise” only to have not nearly 48 hours pass by before car seats are loaded up, I’m loaded (with booze) down and away we go! Fences jumped. Why? why?….

What are your fences?

Peter flees back to the gang that would be able to say “me too!” A room full of folks that had several things in common. It really sets itself up to be the first Christ centered recovery group. “Hi I’m peter and I jump fences” hahaha….group responds, “Hi peter!”

Haha…I love that they knew where and who to run to when their world flipped upside down. There was comfort from each other as they try to figure out why they did the very thing deep down they didn’t believe they would do…and even deeper down didn’t want to…

What is your fence?

Want to learn how not to jump?

Oh for those that haven’t heard the rest of the story…. Jesus blasts out of the earth 3 days after the fence jumpers jumped. Then 50 days later the promise of the Holy Spirit, the helper, the advocate, the comforter, the fence destroyer arrives on the scene. Peter empowered with HIM stops jumping “I’ll never…” fences and then begins to teach others how to stop jumping…. the fences are still there, he teaches how to beLIeVE a life that doesn’t need the fence but feeds on HIM.

Need a group of folks that are willing to let you know the fences they used to jump?

Need a group of folks that are willing to let you know the fences they are learning how to beLIeVE not to jump?

Look no more…. come hang out with us in our homes and or on a Saturday night

love em up!

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