ever wonder?


Do you guys ever wonder? You know simple things like why are Donut Country donuts SOOOO much better than donut palace.

or why the Atlanta Braves seem to choke at the end of each year. Some things…well…just leave us wondering.

I do enjoy placing those words around the various scenes that i read in scripture. Yeah, it’s a blast pretending to be one of the first people to have listened to the letters that were being cranked out after the resurrection of Christ. I often wonder how would i have responded to the initial hearing….Really we are in a way not too far removed from that scene. Years wise yes, but think about it-there was a first time for your eyes to either hear and or read the words written in the Book (Bible).

Lets look at Luke for just a quick moment. Here is a guy that is following Jesus along with others who are called “disciples” when they were with Jesus and now will refer to them as “those who follow the Way,” a reference back to when i believe Jesus states how He is the way, the truth and the life. Im sure by now if you have traveled in many worship barns (churches) you have heard “apostles,” which is a title given to the early teachers/disciple makers of the early church.

So Luke, who is a disciple, an apostle who is now part of the Way, writes a second account, another letter titled Acts. The letter describes the first time people who have said “YES!” (to Jesus) are gathering in His name.

I’m going to jump to chapter 2-its one of my favorite -to go back to and place myself in the scene and participate with those that are gathering. It makes me wonder. Let’s say that when Jesus was crucified, buried and came BLASTING out of the tomb you were 10 years old. Your mama and daddy were part of the 120 in the room that day of Pentecost and the promise of the Helper (holy Spirit) arrives on the scene and you witness, heck are part of watching 3000 people start raising their hand, nodding their heads yes and walking toward Peter and the other 119 to say we desire to beLIeVE with you. By the time you hear the letter you are now 40 years old. The first part of the letter called Acts was written 30 years after the resurrection. So you have had 30 years to watch people who beLIeVE in the name of Jesus:

Act 2:42-45 NLT 42 All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper), and to prayer. 43 A deep sense of awe came over them all, and the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders. 44 And all the believers met together in one place and shared everything they had. 45 They sold their property and possessions and shared the money with those in need.

Are you kidding?

share everything?

selling stuff?

does having a yard sale count?

by now there is who knows how many people following the way of Christ and they are selling stuff to make sure everyone is ok. Crap nation I’m not sure if I’m sharing everything in my own home! doesn’t it make you wonder how they stayed so unselfish….ever wonder?

yes it did and does. So much so debby and I said.” let’s see how close we can get to this. Let’s not pay for buildings and or staff. let’s remind folks that they are empowered by the Holy Spirit of Christ to give where HE says to give.”

And the first giving and most precious gift is YOU. Give yourself. Each month a group of folks, a group of disciple-makers gather to pray over needs locally and globally. This month $3400.00 was distributed. Part of which help bring in a single mom and her 5 children off the street. Thankful for folks that operate within the Way of HOPE, Last Call for GRACE, Doors of HOPE, Braveheart, SOZO, and GIRLS Ranch. These are just a few we are able to link hearts with (all believers) and help blow hope back into our brothers and sisters who have temporarily misplaced theirs. Year to date over $45,000 has been given and shared with those in need. Most of the ones receiving will not necessarily walk through the doors of Refuge. That’s not the motive. The motive is to help them wonder. To have them wonder at the awe of Jesus being beLIeVED out first century style.

A couple of weeks ago i touched base with the organizations listed above and asked “what is your biggest need?” anticipating that the answer would be the ol mighty dollar. NOPE…it’s people….sure dollars help, but it’s us gang…. it’s your circle of friends who have a great heart to help and serve but have checked out of corporate church. ME TOO….heck i admit i still like my “stuff” and as close to selling my stuff and sharing is through a yard sale. it counts gang! so does gathering to help one another. Take a look at schedules to see if you have time to give of yourself. Go to www.therefugemboro/resources and see where you might be able to beLIeVE out your passion.

love ya gang, it’s an absolute blast

lovin em up! with ya


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