by faith


What will your “by faith” moments be today!

saturday we travelled through Hebrews 11. Its a chapter some have deemed the hall of fame of faith. As you read through we see names that for some are familiar and yet others im still not sure how to pronounce.

Boats are being built. People are crossing over sea beds while their captors are covered over. Women hiding spies for God. Isnt that cool? 007 for Jesus. And if we took the time to look at each of their lives, place their day to day under the microscope or lens that we use today. we would see incredible chaos and dysfunction.  But what i love is that they didnt allow “by faith” themselves to be disqualified. They didnt allow anyone to say “uh hey u might want to consider a time of rest, until you heal’…. their healing came by moving through their chaos and dysfunction by faith.

they stayed the course. They, the hall of faithers, as we will see later on in this letter hebrews, ran the race set before them.

we ended saturday recalling the conversation Jesus was having with the gang. (matthew 17) The boys had returned a bit down in the mouth as they shared with Jesus that they werent able to cast out demons as He had been doing. Jesus reminds em its by faith boys and provides this image that still blows me away. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you could tell this mountain to move and it will. ok so if Im in the group that day I without anyone watching start to clinch my eyes real tight because straining makes the faith more real. I would say some mumblings under my voice and slowly open my eyes to see where that ant hill is that i just by faith “tried” to pray away. the hill that had ants biting the heck out of me when Jesus was talking only to see the ants still marching and biting… haha i think you get the point. its not a magic act its “by faith”

what if the mountain is me. what if the faith that is the size a pin head (ever seen a mustard seed?) its barely visible to my 50 year old eyes. That does make sense that i could be and in most likely hood am the mountain….is that the by faith needed to stay sober today? or offer forgiveness and or receive forgiveness. is it that kind of mustard seed by faith that can and will help me move my mountain of me away from food and quantities of food that are in reality consuming me? what about the mountain moving by faith that transforms my worry to prayer to releasing into God’s hands. Or that faith will not allow me to be manipulated by people at work or family members at home.

what are the next steps where you allow the Jesus in you ‘by faith’ to take. The steps that would feel like noah felt when he started grabbing hammers and nails to build a boat. The step into the water of the roaring Red Sea to only see it part when that big toe touched the water.

by faith___Your name__   Your next step here


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