Invitation to Bullies

Invitation to Bullies:

I have an invitation to all of the bullies out there. Especially the ones that have bullied to the point where someone has taken their life as a result of the attacks that flowed from a wound within you. A wound that you’re really not sure you have, or for some maybe you do know and your bullying has been a way for you to try and cope with the lot in your life. You see the invitation is for you, too, to commit suicide…

Now that I have your attention, I’m not backing down from my previous statement. I do in fact desire for you to die to yourself. Here is my reference point.

Luke 9:23-24 NIV 23 Then he (Jesus) said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. 24 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.

WAIT WAIT…before you check out or move on and place me in the “one of those bucket” give me just a second…hahaha…Now I understand that many of you reading this have been on the being bullied side from someone with a Bible in their hand, veins popping out of their skull, spit flying all over the place from a face of a person whose face has turned the shade of crimson, the same crimson they just sang washes all my sin away. And through various times of being slogged with the word of God you have disconnected. I understand, on behalf of my brothers and sisters who have said YES to Jesus and sometimes forget to do just what the verse above states, please forgive us.

Will you hang for just another second? Ok cool thanks…you see Jesus spoke the words above and what He is saying is that for us to navigate through this life, we have to deny (some have stated die) ourselves, or no longer navigate life trying to satisfy ourselves by the ways of the world. In particular, let’s no longer use another person and their “perceived” deficiencies as a drug to medicate our real deficiencies.

So I’m inviting you to have a suicide, a suicide that doesn’t end life BUT generates LIFE. Yeah, let me or someone you trust show you how to die (deny) to self in a proper way that when you do so. You can start to learn how to beLIeVE out a new life. You see I firmly believe that we live out who we believe we are. Thus the reason why the word beLIeVE is so important today.

Ask yourself these questions:

Who do you believe you are?

Why was life blown into you?

Why do I desire to speak to someone like sh–%&(&^!… the point they would want to take their life?

If you’re not sure on any of the above then let us help. Let me introduce you to a Jesus that maybe you have never met. One that stated He was sent to set the captives free and restore what was lost. That’s you and me. Let us help one another lose your old way and beLIeVE in a new way. The life-giving way of Christ. Oh this has nothing to do with going to a building each week, this is beLIeVED out everyday starting in your home, at work, at school, and in your community.

Give HIM a chance to be who HE says HE is. Prince of Peace! Say yes to the one who made peace with God for us when we say YES to HIM!

If you are ready then you go to and send us a note letting us know how to follow up with you.

love em up!


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