what a gift (life)

hello gang, Merry Christmas! Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday and huggin’ a neck, as we finish this year strong with our time on Sunday and then on Christmas eve, here is something for us to consider. 

Most of the christian world, body, people, songs, etc focus on the cross of Christ and rightfully so, without the cross the price, the once for all time sacrifice there would be no freedom from the law. The cross represents the death Christ endured so that we wouldn’t have to. Yet the cross of Christ takes on it’s meaning when we realize the power of the empty tomb. the empty tomb represents LIFE, the empty tomb represents Christ defeating death, conquering the powers of the world and delivering that same resurrection power to us through the Holy Spirit (HIM within). Our beLIeVING in both the cross of Christ and the empty tomb is the FULL great incredible GOOD NEWS (gospel) of having life abundantly. 

he makes the Impossible….possible…we will see this clearly this Sunday with Mary and Joseph as they receive the news of how the Most High will produce the once for all time sacrifice within Mary’s womb ….WOW what 

an  illustration of LIFE….as Jesus breathes in the air for the first time, life is delivered through his body so one day his body would deliver life for us.

it is a merry Christmas! 

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